5 Tips to Go Farther in Your Career as a Claims Adjuster

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IA 40: How to Get Further in Your Career as a Claims Adjuster Faster

(This is an excerpt about your career as a claims adjuster from my ebook “5 Steps to Becoming a Cat Adjuster”. You can get the full guide HERE for free.)

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We all have heard, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” This is very true in the insurance industry if you can get to know people in the industry you will never be hurting for work.

One thing I constantly observe in future independent adjusters is that they keep coming up against two roadblocks, they don’t know enough and they don’t know anybody! This hurts your career as a claims adjuster.

Experienced adjusters will help those that are helping themselves and not just doing the least amount of work. We can spot someone who is willing to work hard and is trying.
I’m going to give you 5 things you need to be while networking in the insurance industry or on social media as an IA (independent adjuster). I want you to succeed in your career as a claims adjuster, there may be some other great tips, but at least you will have something to work with rather than flying blind.
Quick Word on Being Social (LinkedIn/Facebook) – Use social media to connect to adjusting groups and purposefully search out and connect to other adjusters. Don’t be annoying, but if possible use a custom connect greeting like,
“I’m an independent adjuster and I thought we could both benefit by connecting here.”
I know from experience this works WAY BETTER than just the generic connection request.
Find mentors, experts, and leaders in the industry through social media and connect to them. Follow their content, see what they talk about, it’s probably relevant content that you can learn to be “in the know” quickly.
Personally I prefer LInkedIn (it is the professional network) and I am not on Facebook. You can start on LinkedIn by connecting to me HERE.
Now when using LinkedIn especially, post and like relevant things. If you are talking non sense on social media everyone who notice’s will assume you are full of non-sense and not want to stick their neck out for you.
Now here are the 5 things you need to be while being social online and in person.

5 Things to Be in Your Career as a Claims Adjuster Faster

Be Likable – For some of us this is harder for us than others, be likable. Anyone can write an estimate and if you put 10 competent adjusters on the same file you will get similar photos, similar estimates, and similar notes. The big difference is YOU. The world needs you, not just another adjuster. Be yourself, but try hard to be likable. If you don’t talk to anyone at orientations or are selfish during your conversations you will not build a strong network.
Jason Heenan, of the Adjuster Talks Podcast, talks about how the difference between a $60,000 a year adjuster and a $200,000 a year adjuster is his network. I know from personal experience that the only reason I have work is not so much my skill or experience, but the people I know.
Be a Servant – People can tell if you have what it takes to be an A-list adjuster by observing how you act during orientation, classes, etc. It’s the small acts and attitudes that you show when you think no one is watching that tells me if you have what it takes.
Do you open the door for others?
Do you clean up your lunch trash?
Do you tip?
Do you help others when presented with the opportunity?
While being an IA we represent a lot of different faces in the industry and having perspective and treating everyone with respect, kindness, and truly serving them sets you a part from the crowd.
You serve the insured, the insurance company, the independent company, repairers, and other adjusters all at the same time. It’s a balance to do the right thing for everyone and to act with integrity.

Be Professional – Watch what you say with your jokes, what dinner spots you choose, and amount of alcohol- Although you may be tempted to attend a certain type of night club with some of the guys (or gals), or get wasted with a group of adjusters I’d caution you to keep things professional.

Watch what you say with your jokes, what dinner spots you choose, and amount of alcohol that you consume. You want everyone to remember that you are responsible and a good person to call to work. They want to know you won’t make them look bad if called upon. A bad night singing drunk could ruin that perception.

Be Generous – Networking is all about giving to each other. If all you ever do is take, people will take notice. This covers evertyhing from tipping the server well, to picking up the tab, and sharing advice with others. If you hold back from others they will likely hold back from you.
Being generous also means appreciating and being grateful for the time, effort, and energy others invest into you. NO ONE needs to invest in you and you should appreciate any help that you get… whether they are getting paid to train you or not.
If you liked this post, this is an excerpt from my ebook “5 Steps to Becoming a Cat Adjuster”. You can get the full guide HERE for free.
Your Guide,
Chris Stanley


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