The time has come, for IA Path’s next Auto Damage Certification and testing & group course to take place (AKA Auto Adjuster’s Crash Course). The course itself can be started IMMEDIATELY, but the testing and group certification doesn’t start until October 16th.

This is for anyone who is wanting to learn how to write auto claims and get the “magical”3-year experience requirement waived with our certified partners (may have a few new ones to add here REALLY SOON). Not only do you get great training, but you get my seal of approval and assistance in networking with the biggest companies in the industry.

A student from our last certification said,

“I’m a skeptic by nature and most of the time when I see courses available online a red flag goes up in my mind. But unlike so many other courses out there this course (and IA Path in general) is the real deal. After speaking to Chris on the phone (something he makes it very easy to do unlike a lot of others) I was confident enough in his expertise and experience to invest and I’m glad I did. I graduated two weeks ago and have been busy joining IA rosters and completing test claims. The techniques, resources, and relationships Chris talks about are 100% real and will set you on the path to running your own successful IA business. Thanks Chris!” – Ian Graham

So now as a teacher/instructor, I like to know how many students I have in my class. This is a big deal to me. So instead of seeing if people sign up (typically last minute), I’m going to give you a deal if you register this week…. by the end of Friday.

If you register this week you’ll get $200 off the course and certification (I know insane right…). This will bring the course price down to $400 (or two payments of $200). If you choose the 2 payment option the first $200 payment is due at the time of registration and the next one will come out in 30 days automatically.

OK, so if you are wanting to become an auto adjuster, if you want to learn how to write auto damage estimates, if you want to learn how to start your day claims business,if you are sick of people not giving you a chance, or if you want to have me as your mentor you’ve got 5 days to get it for $400…..! Use the promo code below to SAVE BIG on this certification & course,

coupon code – iamearly

I’ll also include my BRAND NEW training, “IA Industry Orientation”, for FREE only if you register Today-Friday. ($197 value). This training guides you through the entire industry and how you can personally succeed with the roadmap I’ve created. It is based on the same principles and concepts as my new book (coming out Oct 17th) “Independent Adjuster’s Playbook.”

One last thing, the first 10 people to sign up get a month of the Audatex estimating software FREE!. So you can use the estimating software while you take the class. This is a $225 value all on its own.

Quick recap, Sign up before Saturday and get,

Auto Adjuster’s Crash Course – $500 value (start learning TODAY with instant access)
Auto Damage Certification & Testing – $300 value (starts Oct 16th for 5 Tuesday nights online 8pm eastern)
IA Industry Orientation – $197 value
1 Month’s Use of Audatex – $225 value (First 10 only so HURRY!)
= TOTAL VALUE of $1222

for $400 (or two payments of $200)

YOU MUST ACT! (There will not be any deals this good after Friday) Go get the Auto Adjuster’s Crash Course & Certification and all those goodies by clicking HERE

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

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