Chris Stanley (Founder of IA Path/Career Specialist)

Chris has 12 years of experience as an auto damage appraiser and adjuster. He founded IA Path to help new people break into the industry in 90 days or less. 

Brad Fancher (Auto Specialist)

Brad Fancher has a heart for helping others succeed. After graduating from IA Path’s auto damage certification and becoming a full-time adjuster, Brad dove into mentoring the next generation of IA’s so they could experience the same  of the industry that he did.

Max Olson (Auto Specialist)

Having worked for a high production body shop for two years, Max used his knowledge and skill to establish a career as an auto adjuster and appraiser. He also chases storms (literally) for fun.

John Bachmann (Insurance Specialist)

John has spent 15 years working for insurance companies. During his time he started as a payment processor and worked his way into management roles. He talks with insurance companies on a daily basis and understands what companies are looking for. 

Tinecia Johnson (Desk& Virtual Claim Specialist)

TJ has worked for 15 years handling a wide array of claim types. Ranging from auto liability claims, bodily injury, workers compensation, and even unemployment claims. She strives to educate everyone around her about the diversity of the industry. 

Koby Hearn (Business Specialist)

Koby excels in the business aspects of adjusting and possesses a unique background. Currently a full time appraiser servicing 10 firms, he has 10+ years of prior business experience in the sports & entertainment industry. Koby uses what he has learned from his years in business and his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) to provide an edge for himself and all of his students. 

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” – Babe Ruth

Chanel Tran (Heavy Equipment Specialist)

Chanel spent most of her career working at a big rig repair shop. She knows what is required of a new adjuster to handle complicated claims with confidence.