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Making It Easier to Be and Become an Auto Damage Appraiser & Adjuster

IA Path is Here to Help

IA Path (IA stands for independent appraiser or adjuster), was founded to help you become an independent auto damage appraiser or adjuster.

My name is Chris Stanley, I’m the founder of IA Path, but most importantly I’m just like you. I started with no experience and had a mentor help me learn the skills necessary to become an independent auto damage appraiser. They helped me so I decided to help you.

IA Path’s Goal is to Make it Easier to Be and Become an Independent Auto Damage Appraiser & Adjuster

Because of this goal IA Path has continues to find ways to serve independent auto appraisers and adjusters with an education, services like AutoForms.co , a full catalog of training, as well as free online education material in the form of the podcast and articles.

Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions you have about being or becoming an independent auto damage appraiser or adjuster by emailing me at Chris@IAPath.com or connect to me on LinkedIn.

Your Guide,

Chris Stanley

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