Today is launch day of Crash Course 2, IA Path’s new flagship auto damage appraiser training. I’m so excited about what this means for future auto damage appraisers So much so I wanted to share the vision and hope behind it.

I, like many auto damage appraisers, had a mentor. I was trained with someone who knew the business. I was able to ask questions, make mistakes. look stupid, and most importantly LEARN.

IA Path was founded to make it easier to be or become an auto damage appraiser and I’ve always felt our training wasn’t exactly where it needed to be. You can only learn so much from watching videos, you need practice. You need space to make mistakes, time to receive correction, and the freedom to ask questions.

That’s where Crash Course 2 comes in. Not only does it include great self-paced video learning, but it also includes an 8-week mentorship and interactive online group sessions. This interaction I believe will prove to be the difference between watching videos and actually getting started. We all need accountability, encouragement, and interaction and I believe with Crash Course 2 we’ve put together something pretty special.

The official launch and first group session is December 4th, but we are allowing late arrivals. Any live sessions that are missed you can simply watch the video recording of that sessions and ask questions in the discussion section.

Get started by learning to write auto damage estimates line by line by taking Crash Course 2. There is a free trial of the first weeks worth of videos, tasks and quiz so you can get a feel for what the quality of teaching will be. Don’t wait we will be shutting down the registration to late arrivals at Friday.

Register by Clicking HERE

Keep walking your path

Your Guide,

Chris Stanley


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