Auto Adjuster’s Playbook

Step by Step Field Guide to Writing Auto Damage Estimates as an Independent Adjuster or Auto Damage Appraiser

Sick of the 9-5? Wish you could work for yourself? Learn how to earn a great living writing auto damage estimates as an independent auto damage adjuster or appraiser. This book is a step by step guide of you what you need to know to be successful iwriting auto damage stimates n this exciting and highly rewarding industry.

Most people who venture into being an auto damage appraiser or body shop estimator are overwhelmed with learning about the parts of the car, repair processes, and how to not look stupid. This book tells you what you need to know with plain English.

The Auto Adjuster’s Playbook is based on a proven method to teach new people how to learn to write estimates. It has been used to teach hundreds of students through IA Path’s online training course called, “Auto Adjuster’s Path.”

This isn’t guesswork, this is field tested and industry recognized training and instructions by an 11 year veteran and reviewed by top industry leaders prior to its release.

Chapters In the Auto Adjuster’s Playbook

  • Receive the Assignment
  • Scheduling a Day’s Work
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Inspection Conversation
  • Taking Photos
  • Scoping the Damage
  • Writing the Estimate
  • Uploading the Claim
  • Completing a Supplement
  • Parts on the Front of the Vehicle
  • Parts on the Side of the Vehicle
  • Parts on the Rear of the Vehicle
  • Parts on the Interior of the Vehicle
  • Inner Structure Parts of the Vehicle
  • Parts That are Involved with Cooling the Car
  • Part 3: The Playbook
  • Part 3: The Playbook: Assignments
  • Appraiser Pay (Appraisal Rates and Fee Schedule)
  • Zip Codes and Coverage Area
  • Getting Work
  • Guidelines
  • Status Your Files
  • Inspecting at Shops, Tow and Salvage Yards
  • How to Complete a Cold Call or Photos Only Inspection
  • Repair Operations
  • Replacement Part Types
  • Repair Hours Guide – How to Determine Repair Hours
  • Repair vs. Replace
  • Blend Guidelines
  • Auto Damage Appraiser Inspection Guide
  • Front End Damage
  • Rear End Damage
  • Side or T-Bone Damage
  • Cooling Damage
  • Frame Damage
  • Air Bag Deployed
  • Glass Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Tire, Rim, and Suspension Damage
  • Total Loss Process
  • Unrelated (UPD) and Related Prior Damage
  • Total Loss Forms
  • CCC & AutoSource Valuation Forms
  • Vehicle Options Definitions
  • Nada Value & Guide
  • Getting 3 Comparable, Retail, or Auto Trader Ads
  • Salvage Bids
  • Completing a Supplement

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