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Have a Resume That Gets You Work as an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Adjuster's Resume Playbook

With the Adjuster’s Resume Playbook
by Chris Stanley & John Bachmann

Adjuster's Resume Playbook

Adjuster's Resume Playbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Insurance Adjuster Resume

Are you ready to get work as an adjuster? 

Ready for a recession proof career? Worried you don’t have enough experience to get hired?

Whether you are creating your resume because you are wanting to become a independent adjuster or get hired by an insurance company, this book is for you!

This book is a step by step guide of how to craft your resume as a qualified candidate for an insurance adjuster job regardless of how much experience you have handling claims.

  • See how to craft your professional and life experiences to match the criteria of job postings.

  • Find out what the hiring companies are looking for in a resume.

  • Beat the computer-based applicant tracking system so you can talk to a human.

  • Get tips that’ll improve your odds so you can avoid what gets 70%+ applicants resumes thrown into the garbage.

  • Create your resume, step by step, along with the authors. It has never been this easy.

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