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Stop Stressing and Starting Enjoying Work as an Insurance Adjuster

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With the Burned Out Adjuster’s Playbook
by Chris Stanley & Chris Casaleggio

Burned Out Adjuster's Playbook mock up

Burned Out Adjuster's Playbook

Learn How to Stop Stressing and Start Enjoying Your Job As an Insurance Adjuster

Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed out about your workload?

We’ve all been there as adjusters, but we can’t stay there. You can leave all that stress and burn out behind. You do know that is possible right?

In this book, 7 time best-selling author Chris Stanley and insurance industry writer Chris Casaleggio, use their insurance expertise and experience to help you learn how to stop stressing and start enjoying working as an insurance adjuster.

Inside the Burned Out Adjuster’s Playbook you’ll learn how to deal with,

  • Having too many claims
  • Wanting to not work
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Not being praised or appreciated
  • Your cynical attitude
  • Being underpaid
  • Having too little time
  • Claim conflicts that are unavoidable
  • Claims that are difficult and hard to close

They also show you how to,

  • Change yourmindset
  • Get a new job
  • Earn a promotion
  • Start a new adjuster career path
  • Handle claims like a pro

Whether you are independent insurance adjuster or an adjuster that works for an insurance company, this book is a must read for you to keep your sanity, humanity, and career on the straight and narrow.

Don’t let claims overwhelm and stress you, grab the Burned Out Adjuster’s Playbook and continue to use the insurance industry to claim your life.

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