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Know How to Get More Work as an Independent Adjuster

Networking Adjuster's Playbook

With the Networking Adjuster’s Playbook by Chris Stanley

Networking Adjuster's Playbook

Independent Adjuster's Playbook

Step by Step Guide & Roadmap to Becoming a Successful Independent Adjuster

Do you need to get more work as an independent adjuster? Are you just starting out and have zero experience? Are you interested in working property and/or auto claims? Are you an introvert and get nervous when talking to people? Then this book is for you.

Part 1: The Principles of the Networking Adjuster’s Playbook you’ll never the principles behind great networkers including a case study of a young adjuster who broke into the property adjusting field without any experience. Learn how you can apply it in your independent adjusting career.

Part 2: The Playbook includes a proven series of emails that works for easy the most introvert of IA’s. Our case study and co-author Kagan Blackburn reveals what he did and how he did it. I helped him turn it into a templated series of emails that you can use when contact IA Firms. Never wonder what to say or when to say it, we’ve got your covered.

Together, along with our proven process, make up what we call the IA Networking Machine. The five emails included are called,

  • The Baited Intro
  • Investigative Probe
  • Custom Response
  • Hey, Can I Help?
  • Surprise Visit

Part 3: The Practice provides a way to document your contact with IA Firms, write down contact information, notes, and the ability to create a networking system for up to 50 IA Firms inside of the book.

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