Come on, admit it. You’ve said these words,
“I don’t care about claims!”
“I don’t care about these claims or statusing them!”

or my personal favorite,

“The insurance industry is stupid! I hate it!”

It’s just me, you can be real. I know because WE ALL HAVE. Today I want to talk about why claims DON’T MATTER!

Claims Don’t Matter

There you said it, don’t you feel better?

Now I can hear the carriers and IA Firms who subscribe to my email list all losing their minds right now

“What are you talking about! Of course, they matter!”

But I still stand by my statement. I apologize for any heartburn you may be experiencing, may I suggest a Tums? (do you do a plural there or not…)

Why am I saying that claims don’t matter? I’m glad you asked… politely this time.

Because as I was sitting here getting ready to write this email/article I had no idea what to write about and in fact, I felt DREAD. I didn’t want to write this email.

Thoughts like,

“Nobody cares about this stupid email, nobody cares about claims…”

came into my brain…. and that is when I got excited. I asked myself the next obvious question,

“Why don’t they care?”

and in my best psycho voice I said,

“Cuz Claims Don’t Matterrrrrr” dragging out the r for effect on purpose. (Sorry been writing lots of fiction in the mornings LOL!

So I took the topic and I’m running with it. Now don’t be confused or misled I LOVE writing YOU the person reading this email, right now, yes you, but the secret is I don’t care about claims either.

What I care about is YOU and what you should care about isn’t the “claim” but the insured or the claimant. The PERSON who has a claim that needs to be made whole (if possible see your legal team if you are confused on making policy decisions).

You should care about Oscar over at ACD (whats up Oscar!), Colleen over at SCA (Colleen hope you had a great Thanksgiving!), Lina at Nationwide, Taylor at Eberle, Ken at TheBestIRS (sorry I never texted back on Thanksgiving I got busy stuffing my face and watching Frozen 2 and just now remembered :-/…. whoops), and on and on and on, you should care about the people at the IA Firms you are working with and for.

You should do a great job in your job as a representative of the IA Industry, NOT because you care about our “industry” or even doing things right, but you should care about the people who work in the industry, the individual IA’s who make it up. The family’s who are supported that if major companies stop sending us work will be forced to live a less awesome life….

In short, you shouldn’t care about claims, you should care about people. Without people everything from writing a stupid email (yes I called my email stupid) to measuring the shingles on a roof (did I say that right Matt?) to closing a claim, is all just a bunch of pointless checkboxes and to do’s. None of that matters, only the people that we are able to help and serve matter.

So tomorrow and on Christmas Eve when you got that supplement to close for the IA Firm, you know the one… the one you’ve been stalling on? Remember that someone at the IA Firm (maybe Oscar?) is stressed out trying to help their client and a shop is delayed in getting paid and buying Christmas presents because you haven’t closed the file yet.

Let’s remember the people and forget the claim. We’ll all do a better job if we remember it’s about people.

So PEOPLE email me back and let me know if you agree that “Claims Don’t Matter!”

Thank you for reading the IA Times weekly email and for being a part of IA Path. If you need help, advice or encouragement hit reply and let me know how I can help.

Your Guide
Chris Stanley