Insurance Company Adjuster’s Playbook

A Career Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted as an Adjuster for an Insurance Company

Get a job as an insurance adjuster, no experience or degree required.

Are you trying to find the perfect career? Sick of wasting your days at a J.O.B. where you don’t feel your work matters? Are you happy with the story that you’re creating for your life, or are you ready to have a career you can pour your passion into?

It is time to take the steps to get your dream job where you get paid to help people for a living.

Trying to get hired by an insurance company can feel discouraging. It can be overwhelming to learn how to get your resume noticed, nail the interview process, get the job offer and be promototed in your career.

We’ll show you how to get hired and promoted by an insurance company.

Chris Stanley & John Bachmann found out EXACTLY what insurance companies were looking for by interviewing hiring managers and recruiters to learn the secrets of getting an insurance adjuster job.

In this career guide you’ll learn how to,

• Qualify for an insurance adjuster job without ANY claims experience or a degree
 Get your resume through the applicant tracking system and into human hands 
• Create a narrative for your interview that’ll wow the hring manager and also shows that your work history makes you a perfect fit for adjusting (no matter what that experience is!)
• Scale the ranks of the industry to get promoted with easy to follow secrets that won’t compromise your family life or morals

This book will guide you every step of the way from deciding whether adjusting is right for you to getting promoted. There has never been a path to getting an insurance adjuster job at an insurance company… until now.

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