Trying to Become an Insurance Adjuster?

Here is How You Can Become an Insurance Company Adjuster

Below are the steps and roadmap for getting hired by an insurance company even without experience or a degree

Pros and Cons of Being a
Company Adjuster


  • Consistent pay (w2 employee)
  • Benefits
  • You work for one company
  • Consistent work & hours
  • Lots of career options
  • Always a demand for adjusters


  • You work for a company
  • Corporate red tape
  • Clock in/clock out mindset
  • Must work years for promotions

How to Become an Insurance Company Adjuster

Below is the roadmap of how to become an insurance company adjuster, step by step.
Phase 1: Preparing
  • Complete Education
  • Take Adjuster Training
  • Get Adjuster License
  • Update Your Resume
  • Set Up LinkedIn & Indeed
PHASE 2: Interviewing
  • Research Company
  • Get Mentally Prepared
  • Prepare Handshake & Dress
  • Perform an Amazing Interview
  • Follow Up to Land the Job
Phase 3: Thriving
  • Learn the Job
  • Meet & Exceed Expectations
  • Improve Your Communication
  • Continue Your Education
  • Position Yourself for Promotion

How to Start Your Adjusting Career

We at IA Path LOVE to help new adjusters figure out how to enter the industry.


Insurance Company Adjuster's Path Mentorship Program

This year-long mentorship guides you the aspiring company adjuster, into getting hired by an insurance company in as little as 90 days. We continue to support you for the entire 12 months to make sure you can get all your questions answered. We provide training and certifications to help you become a qualified job candidate even if you don’t have experience in claims or a college degree.

Have Questions?

Set up a phone call to talk with one of us to ask questions about the industry and find out if our mentorship programs are right for you.

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