Thank you for attending our presentation at the 2021 Verisk Elevate conference!

John Bachmann and Chris Stanley wanted to provide you with additional materials and resources to help you with your resume and career.

Below are a few of the things we’d like to give you as additional resources.

Adjuster's Resume Playbook (PDF)

Polish up your resume to beat the ATS computer and get hired or promoted.

Bulletproof your resume by getting the best advice Chris Stanley & John Bachmann gleaned from interviewing 10 hiring managers and recruiters for insurance companies.

Adjuster's Resume Playbook (Audiobook)

Audio edition that is available on Audible we’d like to give it to you for FREE.

Other Bonus Resume Resources

Get our Job Keyword Template, Resume Examples, Silver Bullet Recipe Template, Job History Narration Template and lots of other resources to make your job search and resume creation easy.

The Resume Book is Also Available on Amazon with 21 ratings 4.9*’s!

Get the book for Free as Chris & John’s Gift to You

See What Others are Saying About The Adjuster’s Resume Playbook

“…In The Adjuster’s Resume Playbook, Chris Stanley and John Bachmann go deep and get very specific about how to build a winning resume…. If you are looking to build your career as an adjuster, this book is absolutely a must-read.”
– Bryan Falchuk Author of “The Future of Insurance”

“The Adjuster’s Resume Playbook is such a great and sorely-needed resource for those looking to take the jump into the wonderful world of Claims Adjusting.  Not only does the book give you, in plain English, easy to follow instructions, it gives you a glance into what’s important to Claim Managers and Supervisors in our fast-paced business.  It’d be interesting to know what the hire rate will be after a year or two.  I predict over 70%.”
– Doug Brod Hiring Manager for a Regional Insurance Carrier

“Remarkable in its simplicity of presentation paired with specificity of content... The Playbook is a job aid that should be kept in everyone’s work bag.  It doesn’t take up much physical space but has enormous functional presence.”
– Patrick Kelahan the Insurance Elephant

“They could have published a 300-page book with every excruciating detail of those conversations, and left you to piece together how to actually make a better resume, instead they wisely made this into a workbook designed to be action-oriented and to walk you step-by-step through the hands-on process of designing a fantastic claims resume, in about the time it would take you to binge a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show.”
– Tony Cañas, CPCU, MBA, AU, ARM, ARe, AIC, AIS of the Insurance Nerds

“Chris & John have written the quintessential “how to” book designed for the claims’ professional.  The Adjuster’s Resume Playbook is organized, informative, and hugely needed.  From the Introduction – why you need a resume, to each of the steps in creating the finished product, to the FAQs at the end, this is the resource for all claims adjusters.
– Tom Bielicki Vice President, Training & Development at TheBest Insurance Recruitting Specialist