IA Path Featured Firms - Free Independent Adjuster Recruiting for IA Firms

IA Path’s Featured Firm program allows Independent adjusting and appraisals firms to be presented to IA Path students.

Graduated students are given a list of IA Firms to contact for employment opportunities. This gives qualifed and mentored students a chance for first time work opportunities and IA Firms a chance at top rate talent FOR FREE!


Also IA Path Provides a List of All Contact Information for Our Graduates So You Can Easily Find Additional Coverage.

Benefits of Working With an IA Path Graduate


IA Path graduates are not only trained, but mentored by IA Path. These IA’s will outperform other licensed IA’s because they’ve been trained & tested in all aspects of the job, not just one.


Want Chris Stanley, Brad Fancher, and the IA Path mentors to test and find the best recruits? That is what we do at IA Path, we put our brand and mentors names on the line each time we send you an IA.


No bad habits, only good foundational knowledge and proven application. These recruits are hungry and ready to be your next top performer, grab them before they go to those other guys.


IA Path provides support to our students 24/7 with our online community, access to online training & resources, and phone support with the students mentor even AFTER they graduate. We want them to succeed as bad as you do.

Type in the Search Bar a Zip Code, City or State, and It'll Show You the Closest Graduate in That Area

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