IA Path Safe Path Guarantee

Get Work or Get Paid, Guaranteed

IA Path Guarantees if you enroll in our Level 3 Mentorship you’ll get work opportunities within 60 days of graduation or we’ll pay you $1000/mo. until you get work opportunities.*

IA Path Safe Path Guarantee Terms & Conditions

At IA Path we have helped over 500 certified IA’s get work. 

We get the experience requirements waived with 40+ IA firms and help place you at local collision repair shops. We know that for you to get work, you must do certain things in your business to be successful.

We cannot make you successful. We can only guide you on the steps to take. If you don’t take the steps, we cannot guarantee you will get work.

Below are the terms, conditions and expectations for a student to qualify for the Safe Path Guarantee.

Work opportunities are any of the following:

  • Daily auto claims
  • Photos only claims
  • Heavy equipment or RV claims
  • Catastrophic deployments

  • Collision estimator position (at a repair facility)
  • Desk deployments
  • Virtual claims

  • Property claims

We make NO guarantee to the type of work or what type of opportunity will be presented, because we cannot know what it will be ourselves.

If a student passes on a work opportunity due to life circumstances, pay, availability, lack of preparation, etc. IA Path has fulfilled it’s guarantee to provide work opportunities.

First are the requirements for the sixty-day countdown to begin.

  1. Student must be enrolled in the IA Path Level 3 Mentorship (Level 1 Collision, Level 2 Catastrophic, Level 3 Heavy Equipment)
  2. Student has to obtain their state required license and if no license is required in their state, they must obtain a Florida Adjuster’s License. (IA Path provides any all pre-licensing or exam prep needed)
  3. The Student has completed the IA Path Level 1 Certification (includes Auto Collision Damage & CCC One Certification)
  4. Student must be “Open for business”. This includes being set up as a business. LLC, S-Corp, or Corp, plus a EIN, have a business bank account, and any required insurances for IA Firms to onboard them. 
  5. The Student must obtain a CCC One software license for commercial use so they can handle claims with their own licensed software.

Requirements During 60 Days After Level Graduation

  1. Student must participate in 8 weekly mentorship & coaching goals provided by IA Path.
  2. Student must apply to each IA Path Featured Firms Rosters (unless not handling work in their region)
  3. Continue to work on the Level 2 & 3 Certifications
  4. Update IA Path at 30 day if you’ve received no work to we can help you pursue new work opportunities

Payment for Guarantee

  1. If the student does not get work opportunities per the agreement above, IA Path will pay the student $1000 per month until they receive a work opportunity
  2. IA Path will reimburse up to, but not beyond the students entire purchase amount.
  3. IA Path will reimburse the student per an ACH deposit, Paypal, or other payment method whichever the company prefers.
  4. Student should request any payment for Guarantee through the IA Path Support Help Center inside the IA Path Training & Support Room Community.

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