Learn to Write Heavy Truck & Trailer Claims FAST!
Earn Big by Learning to Write BIG Trucks!
Get easy to follow step by step instructions so you can start writing with confidence.

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Learning to Write Heavy Truck & Trailer Claims Has Never Been Easier
IA Path knows trucks and trailers can be overwhleming so we made it easy
High Quality Video
This isn't a bunch of slides, this is high-quality video looking at damaged truck and trailers with two professional and experienced instructors.
Step by Step Plan
Inspecting trucks doesn't have to be hard, we provide the step by step plan and process to make sure you are successful the FIRST claim.
Estimate Writing
We show you how to take your photos and notes and turn it into an industry-standard estimates that will get approved.
Software Included
We also provide you the TruckWriter Estimator Software for 3 months FOR FREE! As well as traiing on how to use it. 
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