This page has all the resources (plus a few extra) that were listed in the Independent Adjuster’s Playbook by Chris Stanley broken down chapter by chapter.

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Ebook or Paperback

Independent Adjuster's Playbook

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mathew allen

Mathew Allen Founder of AdjusterTV

Matt and I have become good friends and he is the only person I know that matches my passion for helping independent adjusters get started in their career.

His YouTube channel is the LEADER in online videos for adjusters.

He has a premier video subscription called AdjusterTV+. For $27/mo. you get full access to ride along with him and other industry professionals (including myself) as they complete claims and explain what they are doing and why. Best property training available. It doesn’t help the resume but it’ll help your confidence!


Author of the Book

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First AdjusterTV Video With Chris Stanley

This is how Mathew Allen and I kickstarted our relationship and started working together.


Books About How to Become an Adjuster

Chris has 7 books that he has written to try and help you claim your life by becoming a successful Adjuster.

Independent Adjuster's Playbook

Independent Adjuster Podcast

Chris has recorded over 180 across audio episodes over the last 4 years for independent adjusters on his weekly podcast. Check out an episode at the player below then dive into all 180 at the links.



Download the Adjuster Roadmaps

Auto Appraiser’s/Adjuster’s Path

This is the core roadmap that has helped thousands of people enter the independent adjusting/appraising space. It helps show you how to break into daily auto claims, which is a great source of revenue while you pursue the longer paths of Catastrophic or Property. Some people decide they love auto so much they never want to move on.


Catastrophic Adjuster’s Path

If you are looking to break into catastrophic auto or sit behind a desk as a catastrophic adjuster, this roadmap is for you. It focuses more on licenses to make you stand out and be a valuable asset.


Property Adjuster’s Path

For adjuster’s that want to become property adjusters in the long term Mathew Allen of AdjusterTV and I developed this path together. It shows you how to develop yourself and incorporate making income with Auto while you wait for your first big storm.

Adjuster License

Links for Online Adjuster License Prep

You can find links to each state’s adjuster license exam prep or pre-licensing training at the link below.

If your state isn’t listed that means you live in a state that DOESN’T require a license and you should grab Florida instead. 

If you need further clarification click HERE for an article written by Chris Stanley.


Auto Training

Auto Damage Training

Having propery training on how to write auto damage estimates is vital to your success! Below are the two main options for adjusters to learn auto damage estimates.

IA Path Auto Damage Mentorship

This goes beyond training and includes an all-inclusive mentorship where you have interaction with Chris and his team of mentors and other students. You can ask questions for years to come and you never have to tackle this industry by yourself.

The interactive classes are designed for people working full-time jobs and held at night.

IA Firms waive the 2-5 year experience requirement if you complete the Auto Damage Certification that is included in the mentorship.

Vale Training Solutions

Vale holds in person and some online training courses for auto damage training. Although no official experience requirement is waived by IA Firms for Vale training it is a respected training facility that any firm will recognize. Their two-week program would be what you need to consider.



Software Training

CCC One and Audatex Online Training

IA Path is the torchbearer in online training and provides self-paced courses for both CCC One and Audatex training.


150+ Rosters

IA Path has compiled a list of 150+ IA Firms you can contact to get on their roster. We’ve also selected a few we believe are the best place to start for each type of claims you are considering. 

Check it all out at the links below.


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