Today we are talking with the CEO of ACD, Ernie Bray. Ernie is joining us for the second time on the podcast to discuss how YOU can separate yourself from the rest of the IA’s in the industry.

We discuss networking, workflows, outreach, quality and MORE! Ernie tells you exactly what he and his team are looking for. Since they are one of the largest independent appraisal companies in the industry maybe we should pay attention!

Name – Ernie Bray

Company – ACD or Auto Claims Direct

Location – Carlsbad, CA

Superpower – Business Development

Contact – & 888-403-4223

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ACD –If you are an IA looking for more work, if you are wanting to diversify where your claims are coming from, and expand what type of claims you are working then you should check out ACD. Email them to join their network by clicking HERE