Join me and IA Path’s weather correspondent and storm chaser, Max Olson, as we discuss the crazy weather from Winter Storm Ulmer coming tonight and tomorrow.

Learn about WHY this type of weather happens and what it means for us as IA’s. Will we get work? Find out on this special edition of the Independent Adjuster Podcast.

From IA Path’s weather correspondent Max Olson, Winter Storm Ulmer report,

“We have a major system coming on shore that is going to impact people in many different aspects. First being severe weather which will be possible in Eastern NM and West Texas, here I think we might see a couple tornadoes and some decent hail/wind but sparse population. This activity will begin tomorrow afternoon and persist through the evening hours.

These storms should then congeal into a squall line which may bring a damaging wind threat to parts of central Texas through the overnight hours on Tuesday and eventually the DFW area early Wednesday morning.

The most interesting portion of this event is the possibility of an impressive blizzard from Winter Storm Ulmer, potentially one of the most significant in recent memory for the central plains. Here we could see winds of hurricane force with over a foot of snow. This will lead to humongous drifts, power outages, and possibly even damage to roofs and weaker structures.

This will impact northeast Colorado/Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming beginnimiddayday Wednesday and persisting through the end of the work week.
Potential flooding through Kansas, east Nebraska and Iowa around the same time as the snow.”

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