Tim Davis Jr. may be the “Junior” of the SCA Tim’s, but he is no junior as an influence on the industry. He is the president of SCA Appraisal Company, one of the largest and long standing appraisal companies in the industry. He has helped SCA scale from being a Southern California regional IA firm to being a nationwide powerhouse.

Hear Tim give the secret sauce to success as an IA and an independent business owner in this podcast. We also dive into how SCA is tackling the major issue of large scale hail catastrophes in 2018. As an appraiser you don’t want to miss this great opportunity SCA is presenting to the best in the biz. Get a peak into the future as we call and talk with Tim Davis Jr.

Name – Tim Davis Jr.

Company – SCA Appraisal Company

Location – Los Angeles, California

Superpower – Regeneration

Contact – twp.davis@sca-appraisal.com,  818-450-2712,  Tim Davis Jr. LinkedIn Profile

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