Paul Kordon is a crossover from….. the dark side. As a paintless dent repair technician Paul is coming to educate, inform, and rescue us from some of the common mistakes and misconceptions we adjusters have when it comes to PDR.

Paul, or I’ll call him, “Flash Kordon”, is a 20 year PDR technician, influencer in his industry, and creator of the very first retail side panel PDR matrix. His work is influencing his industry to think differently about pricing, pushing the boundaries of what is repairable, and working to help bridge the gap from the PDR industry to other adjacent industries such as adjusters.

Name – Paul Kordon

Company –

Location – Hamilton, Virginia

Superpower – Metal Bending

Contact – Paul Kordon LinkedIn Profile,

Phone/Text/Facetime: 703-727-6530

Download Paul Kordon’s Side Panel PDR Matrix

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