Today on the podcast I’m joined by two guests that are here to discuss IA’s and Heavy Truck Claims

Jay Contino has been a guest on the podcast before and has over 20 years in the field writing heavy claims and David Jimenez is a former heavy truck IA and creator of the Truck Writer Estimator software.

Now you’ll hear that David coded this amazing program himself! Completely awesome,

Both of these guests are here to discuss the major changed in the industry and to help us all have a better understanding of heavy equipment claims, how they can benefit us and how to do a better job as IA’s with our heavy truck claims

Today I’m also proud to announce IA Path’s new sponsor ACD

OK now its time to call and to talk with Jay Contino, the Jayggernaut and David Jimenez the “IA Coder”

Name – Dave Jimenez & Jay Contino

Company – Truck Writer Estimator & Bassett Services Inc

Location – TX & NC

Superpower – Heavy Lifting

Contact – 713-574-7785 Email:

Website –

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