Today our guest works behind the scenes, working numbers, coding, and making sure your claims are there when you need them. He is a leader in the technology development for IA’s his name is Andre Shervanian and he is the CEO of Claim Leader who, according to their own competition is the leading claim management platform for Auto IA’s.

Mr. Shervanian was an IA just like us and decided to help IA’s everywhere have better technology to compete in a rapidly changing claims environment. 7 years later they are still on that mission. Today we discuss the importance of responsibility as a claims company, how to quit focusing on how to do your work and to start finishing it,  and response-ability…… you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean.

Name – Andre Shervanian

Company – Claim Leader

Location – Los Angeles, CA

Superpower – Response-Ability

Contact –

Website –

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