IA 65: Beacon Guiding the Next Generation of Insurance Professionals

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Today on the podcast I am very excited to interview an insurance industry leader, fellow podcaster, and member of the INS Nerds Super Troup, the elder and councilor of their group, Nick Lamparelli

Nick and his group of super nerds are helping guide the next generation of insurance professionals from avoiding the pitfalls, not hitting dead ends, and on finding purpose in their career. Therefore I decided Nick’s Super Hero Alias to be, Beacon, because he is a shining light for the next generation.

Nick is also leading a company that helps develop and test unique insurance products currently with a focus on flood policies, this part of the conversation will paint some interesting pictures and problems in the catastrophic insurance arena. This is a market with huge growth and obstacle potentials, 90% of customers don’t even have flood insurance…. Yet….. But He wants to change that.

Now without further delay its time to call and to talk with Beacon, Nick Lamparelli, the elder counselor of the INS Nerds Super Troup.

Name – Nick Lamparelli

Company – INSNerds & reThought Insurance

Location – Boston, Massachusetts

Superpower – Testing

Contact – Nick’s LinkedIn Profile


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