Today on the podcast I have a gentleman whose entire life is consumed with vehicle owners safety. This IA travels around ensuring customers vehicle are repaired properly. I call him, Mr. Safety.

His company Collision Safety Consultants, handles diminished value claims and post repair inspections. Nothing makes this guy madder than a claimant being pushed around by an insurance company. They have expanded with representatives across the country and are growing each and every month.

You’ll hear Mr. Safety talk about the important of not compromising, being full of integrity and also give us practical tips of how to avoid being liable for improper repairs.

In this industry we pushed hard by insurance companies to do things their way, well our guest helps us understand how to handle those situations properly without sacrificing our relationships with the carriers or IA Firms.

Now it’s time to call and to talk with the founder and CEO of Safety Consultants Mr. Safety, Billy Walkowiak

Name – Billy Walkowiak

Company – Collision Safety Consultants

Location – Belmont, NC

Superpower – Lens of Safety

Contact –Billy’s LinkedIn Profile

Locator Website –

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