IA 90: You, Yes You Can Become an Independent Adjuster

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You Can Become an Independent Adjuster

Introduction to the Independent Adjuster’s Playbook
(Read the full chapter below or listen to the audio version above)


You (yes, you!) can become an independent auto adjuster if you are able to apply the principles and strategies included inside of this book.  My life completely changed after I became an independent auto adjuster, and I am certain it will change your life as well.  For over a decade, being an adjuster has empowered a life that my wife and I had previously only dreamed about. We thought that we needed stacks of cash and would have to wait until retirement to achieve the things we wanted, but we were wrong. Travel, adventure, purpose, and a secure career have all become the normal for our young family, and we have not had to sacrifice who we are in the process.

Looking back, I remember how I was NO ONE and how I had NO SKILLS that you would think an auto adjuster would need. I had never worked on a car, never changed my own oil, and my stellar warehouse career (of throwing boxes for a living) was completely unrelated to being an adjuster. Truly, if I have found and achieved a successful career in this fascinating industry, anyone can.

I’ve handled claims locally in my state, traveled across the country chasing hail storms, shown up in the aftermath of catastrophes (like hurricane Sandy) and have been able to connect to people whose lives have been shaken by nature’s awesome and terrible power. I have seen the tremendous damage a storm can cause and have heard the stories from people…… REAL PEOPLE, about how their lives were shattered, and I even got to enjoy playing a small part in their life’s restoration. In short, it is an exciting career that pays well while still giving you freedom. However, this is only true if you are able to unlock the many doors that stand between you and the life you have always wanted.

A typical scenario for many new adjusters attempting to enter into the industry is finding themselves overwhelmed, confused, misled, and walking for months or years in circles still trying to find a solid way into the industry.  Sadly, because of this difficulty and confusion many new adjusters give up. I am here to tell you that the code is cracked inside of this book.

This book is about my own experiences and the experiences of dozens of others that I have either interviewed on my podcast (The Independent Adjusters Podcast) or have worked closely with inside the adjusting world. Having heard their stories of how they successfully navigated the industry, I found the correlations between all of our success stories and have created a roadmap for you to follow that will exponentially increase your chances of success in this industry while removing the guesswork from your new career.

There are three main parts to this book. The first section is called “The Decision”. Inside this first section, we will cover what exactly an adjuster is and will correctly set your expectations about the career, allowing you to make an educated decision on whether to pursue insurance adjusting as a career.

Part two of the book is “The Strategy”. Here, I will show why the typical way (that is spouted on the Internet) of thinking about becoming an adjuster is highly flawed. I will also discuss the overall strategy that you will need to employ for your new career and why it is important to your success.

The final part of the book is “The Roadmap”. The Roadmap is a list of the steps that you will need to take along with the instructions to accomplish each step. Rather than leaving you to try and figure this process out on your own, I knew I needed to create this step by step guide for you to follow. The Roadmap is the playbook that other successful adjusters, including myself, have followed to find success and a fulfilling career in insurance adjusting.

This book is not just an interesting or fun explanation of a job, it is a call to action. Either to embrace your dreams of becoming an adjuster or to abandon them.  See, as independent adjusters and appraisers, we can’t hide behind corporate logos, processes, and profits. We are spending our own money and putting our reputation on the line. We have to figure out how to get work, assignments, and of course, more income. All of this needs to be accomplished without wasting time or money. These are the questions and issues at hand, and this book will guide you to the answers. My name is Chris Stanley, and this is the Independent Adjuster’s Playbook. Join myself and other independents on our path to non-corporate success in the insurance industry…… WE ARE IA’s!

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