IA 91: How to Avoid Losing Your Life to Claims

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Hear Chris Stanley and Jeremy Shaw talk about how to not lose your life in the midst of operating a daily claims company.

Referencing from personal experience they dive into different mindsets and practical application to help you take your independent claims business to the proper level helping you claim your life.

Mentioned in the podcast:

Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives

The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs: Elevate Your SELF to Elevate Your BUSINESS

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Full Episode Transcript

(due to being a full transcript there may be some errors, please excuse any issues in the text below.)

Hello, IA’s and welcome to the independent adjuster podcast. I am your host and your guide Chris Stanley and what has become the normal, it may be a little crowded on the episode today in the words, so to speak, uh, arena. There may be way too many voices going on because I think I’ve got a cohost here with me today who’s going to bring a lot of value once again to our topic at hand, which is how to avoid losing your life to claims because I don’t care how long you been an independent adjuster or how long you plan to being an independent adjuster. There will be a time in your life when you realize your life is gone. Claims that have taken it away and you’re completely out of control. How do we avoid that and how do we get out of a slump like that when our life just is spinning out of control?

When it does present itself to talk about that with me is once again the cohost of the independent adjuster podcast, Jeremy Shaw. Jeremy, are you here this time? Like for real, not writing a claim like you’re dealing with us

I’m here. I finally got caught up. I didn’t sleep couple of days and just kept my head down and wrote some claims. Just so I can speak with you guys today.

No, just so you could stick with me. Let’s be real here. He doesn’t want to hang out. And Doug Kay. No, no. Really what we talk way too much as it is already. We don’t need to talk to each other anymore, but we do for fun and we get to include you, the listener and on a and a. But we just get way more focused on what we’re talking about here on the podcast. So this is your first time listening.

Um, we are in kind of a transition phase and the independent adjuster podcasts from being. At first I was a, almost a strictly monologue, five minute podcast about the independent adjusting world. Uh, I got really bored of that really fast. I went to interviews, really enjoyed that for the second season of the independent adjuster podcast. Lots of great guests. You should listen to them. A lot of great insights of how people come into the industry and succeeded. And now we’re kind of transitioning to kind of a hodgepodge of everything, including how many cohost like Jeremy Shaw on with me to talk about the topics I would have monologue for five minutes about a in more of a conversational tone. So this is your first time with us. Welcome to the independent adjuster podcast. We’re here to make it easier to become an independent adjuster. That’s why we’re here.

It’s why we at the IA Path exist and a, if you’ve been listening for a long time, thanks for putting up with us for so long and for hanging onto this intro for this long because it was just to see if you were serious about becoming an independent adjuster. So, Jeremy, what the heck man, what, uh, you know, we have this thing called a sponsor, but I don’t even know how to transition today into the sponsor. So maybe you can think of a good way to give space to the other voice that’s about to join us. Do, do we have room for one more person on this podcast? Do you think we could pull that off?

Oh yes. Especially for this next one, right? I think that’s pretty big one. I a lot to my career in this company and the man behind the curtain who made it all happen. I believe we have a c, d, and who will let you all about the great things they see d does and continues to do for the independent appraisal world. Ernie is going to bring you in on that one.

Ernie squeezed into the little photo booth here. We got space for you. Come on in.

Hey, thanks Chris. Hey. You know if you’re out there in today’s changing claims environment, you know it’s tough out there and you’re working hard to grow your business. We know that, but I want to talk to you about a great opportunity. See, ACD is a six time inc magazine, fastest growing companies in America winter and we’re helping insurers through photo estimating, field appraisals and desk reviews and all this is managed through our technology platform. Pulled out on link, but you know what? All this requires the expertise of top quality appraisers like you, whether you’re a regional provider or a solo firm. We’re looking for those who can deliver fast cycle times, top quality service, and are looking to really grow their business. And I wanted to personally invite you today to reach out to us at network at ACD Corp. Com or call us at eight. Eight. Eight. Four. Oh, three, four, two, two, three. Extension seven, four, three. Don’t miss out on this exCiting opportunity.

Let’s go. Alright, thanks ernie for inviting the listeners to come connect with you. If you are a listener who needs work seriously, take ernie and his team up on their offer because they do want to give you a chance to work in this industry and they’re a fantastic company to work for and uh, you know, they have a lot of claims so it’s a good company to connect with, to start your career, to maintain your career and to grow your career as an independent adjuster handling daily auto claims especially. Okay. So jeremy, you ready to jump into this topic that you know absolutely nothing about because you’ve been perfect at this since day wide. Big. YEp. Never

ran into any of this. So

I’ll just try to run with it. My bs meter is going off and you the listener law, you know, we like to have a lot of fun and some, uh, on the podcast, but some of this, it’s kind of serious. I mEan, january we’re talking about people’s families, people’s livelihoods, and to set the stage for that. Uh, you know, jeremy has this, uh, analogy he always likes to reFer back to. It’s called the snowball effect. So, jeremy, why don’t you set the stage, we say to avoid this, but, uh, we, we got to explain now today how to avoid, but what are we trying to avoid? Really paint that picture.

Okay? Well, if you’re an independent appraiser and adjuster, I guarantee you you have been overruled. Loaded. I don’t care if you are in business or you have been in the business 20 years. Occasionally we tend to get overloaded and hopefully today we’re going to go over some topics. Some stuff that will help you to minimize the damage, um, but then again, I all know where I am, we’re all out there to make money and saying no to a claim is hard. So maybe if you guys are listening, we can say yes to more claims and maybe you find a little bit better, a way to stop the snowball effect, put out the fires and maybe be a little more efficient and minimize that damage because you, we all know that. we love saying yes to claims and getting all weekend. So

for if you’re, this is your first episode you’ve ever been with us. The snowball effect is this. When you get a bunch of claims or even one claim and you mess up on that claim, that is one mistake, one strikes, so to speak against you, would you then take a little bit more time than it should have to complete? Now exacerbate that by. LEt’s say you get really slammed with a hail in Colorado or abilene, Texas and you have a hundred claims. You start making a mistake and it keeps rolling like you get further and further and further behind, and then you start making bad decisions because you’re so far behind. You start cutting corners, you start not status in your files, and then you get more phone calls which takes more time, which is another mistake, which then leads to more mistakes and you get the point.

Before you know it, you look up, you’ve lost your life because it’s consumed by the claims. A snowball, katya, so how do we avoid it? So today we’re really going to be talking about it from two different perspectives. One is the mindset perspective. This is huge if you can. This is where the change in your life can happen is if you can address the mindset in jeremy and I are not saying we’re experts at this. In fact, we’re saying we’re probably the worst at this and so we’re trying to tell you what we’re learning because we’re so passionate about trying to fix this in our own life and in our own claim businesses and our own jobs in our own families that we think this is a super important topic. Then after we kinD of tackle the mindset so you understand where we’re coming from, we’re not going to leave you hanging like with this weird theory or anything out there that you can’t apply to your life. We want to then come away with the least for practical tips, but I think we’ll probably come up with a few more as we get talking. So it’s first the mindset shift of practical tips, but I think there’s going to be really good. Um, so jeremy, why don’t you take the first one because I really am excited for the second one. Uh, it’s something I’m very passionate about right now, but once you take the first one, because it’s the root of what we’re talking about.

Absolutely. So we’re walking in this one and on the mindset, it’s your value rooted in something other than your job, your career, you know, the daily grind of business. Let’s be honest, this business is 24 slash seven. You go to sleep with open files, you wake up with open files, you know, there’s a status that needs to be made and there’s a supplement that needs to get put in. You know, to this, to me this is pretty big. I’d Like to think I have a big family. I have a wife and three little bitty babies all, all under the age of four. Um, so to me my value is, um, you know, I stand in my faith and my family and they keep me sane when I’m doing all this and things are going crazy. I reAlly have to remember what I’m doing this for.

And, you know, that’s usually when the wife gets a call and I’m saying, hey, you know, what are you in the kids up to, um, it keeps me sane and it lets me know that there’s morE to life than work and that, you know, it is the bigger picture for me to be honest. Um, but you know, luckily enough, this business has blessed me to be able to tend to both, um, you know, uh, giving time, getting a lot of, giving a lot of time to both. And I think it’s real important to keep yourself rooted because you do have to remember why you’re grinding day after day and you’re handling those stressful calls and those emails and sometimes that snowball effect thumbs down and you got to have someone there to pick you up. Um, so I would urge everybody to find something they absolutely love outside of work. Um, and you know, for most people, I’d have to say it is their family. Others, it might not be, you may have something else you’re rooted in. But for me, it helps me keep my sanity and it lets me know every single day why I’m doing what I’m doing. As we talked about this a lot throughout the week, especially about giving back to the family and trying to find the perfect balance between work and family, which I think we do pretty good job. But sometimes, you know, work to start stacking up on ya.

Yeah. And to. I think we can go deeper because I ain’t afraid to go deeper not listening is, you know, for me it, it all starts with, like you mentioned, faith it all. it all starts with me that I, I’m put on this planet to be used by god for a purpose. So for me, my values has to start there. That I believe I am here, not for my own pleasure, but ultimately I’m here to be used by god to help others. And so when I come at it from that perspective, when my value is I am here to help other people, it starts shifting away. I’m looking to get my value right. I’m not looking to get my value from. I ate another great double cheeseburger, which is so, so good. I love that. I do enjoy life, but it’s vacant on it. Blue cheese, uh, enjoy it.

But that’s not the purpose of why I’m here. If that was my purpose in life was to eat cheeseburgers and get fat, I think I’d get really bored of that really fast. But when I find something deeper than just working to make money, when it becomes about helping somebody else, when it becomes about Jeremy Shaw needs help and I got to write some supplements to help the poor guy out, that’s a whole lot more motivating than I want to make a littlE bit of money. Money does not motivate you for long. So I say it all the time on the podcast. If you are here to be in this career of being an independent adjuster or an independent appraiser and you’re here solely for the money, you will be sorely disappointed. Even if you get the money, you’ll be miserable. I’ve made the money that I never thought I could make and I.

That was when I realized I’m coming about this all wrong and I got smacked upside the head, but my big daddy upstairs and said, what the heck are you doing with your life? And thank god for that, but whether you’re a person of faith, whether you’re a believer or not dead, doesn’t matter. What matters is where are you finding your value? If it’s in I close every file and everything’s always good and everybody always likes me, right? Then all of a sudden when your files go belly up in the snowball hits and everybody feels like they don’t like you, you will crumble because your value is placed in something that is fickle, so you’ve got to root yourself in like january said, why are you doing what you’re doing and if it’s about money or being liked, you’re gonna eventually crumble because it won’t hold you up long term.

It’s not a good foundation, so yeah, I think we beat that one enough. But seriously, that’s where this starts is your mentality of why you’re doing what you’re doing and if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, you might need to reevaluate not just how you’re going about it or how you’re thinking about it, but maybe even what career you’re in because it might just leave you empty. Um, and typically careers and jobs, they don’t fill that void either. I’m guilty of that. Trying to fill voids in my life with the job, with the career and it never works. So, you know, have something a little bit deeper than that. Okay. So I know I just stole the whole last part of that. Uh, jeremy, do you have anything to add on that one before we move on to the next one? So I know you’re excited about this next one, that you’ve been like, this comes up about three times in our conversation every week when we talked.

Let’s see here. We’re on. Chris, why don’t you take this one? I know you’re excited about it. So if that’s your value is set, whatever that is for you, you may not have a family, you may not have kids, you may not have a faith like that, which I, I think it’d be way better, uh, the more that of those things had you have, even if it’s your extended family and your mom and your dad, your brother, your sister, friends that are close, like family, uh, and having faith obviously is important. But once you have your foundation set of why you do what you do, then it comes down to how you do it, right? How much do you give to each area of your life? How much do you give to your work? How much do you give to your foundation, your family, your faith, and your friends?

You know, how do you separate that all out and give a equally, or usually it’s not equal, but how do you give to all areas? And this comes back to a concept of margin having margin in your life. And a lot of people view margin. A lot of times they didn’t finances, right? Like, that one’s really easy for people to understand. It’s no fun to have all your bills take up all the money before the month begins. It’s like I have a thousand dollars worth of bills and I made a thousand and $1. I have a $1 margin in my life. This sucks. I can’t buy a cheeseburger today. I [inaudible] I have no margin. But in our society we’ve blown that away with credit card debt and everything. So that just eliminates that. so people understand margin and how dangerous it can be, but what, uh, in the financial realm, but just as much, if not more so is in our time in our relationships, the margin that we have for just time period and two for relationships for our family, for everything.

Because claims will consume your life at some point as we’re saying. And if you don’t remember that, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are, why am I doing this? Uh, you’re going to find yourself using all hours of the day, waking hours, sleeping hours, all of it to close a claim. And when you start looking and going, that’s not where my priorities are at. You need to look at how do I reclaim margin in my life. So jerry getting here and started talking about this because otherwise I’ll talk about for the next 40 minutes, but there’s a great book on it. We’ll put a link in the show notes. It’s called margin that I read recently and it totally changed the way I looked at work. So jerry, kind of what do you have to add to this from your own experience? Your own life from chatting with me even don’t. I don’t have a whole lot. The edge pretty much covered it, but you know, kind of touching on what you did for me. It’s um, you know, I’ll try to get those things out of the way. One thing that you’ve to me lately

lately about the really, really liked the concept of is finding headspace. Um, and me, I’m a constant thinker and me, when I get a little bit of margin in my life, I find out that I have a little more headspace and I can clear out, clear out that headspace which had spaces. Obviously if you’re thinking about something constantly all day, every day, you have no room for anything else to come in. and for me, um, when I started, you know, I guess you would say using the thought or theory of margin, I started realizing, you know, what? I had a little more headspace for other things. Of course I’m a person who’s always constantly, constantly trying to grow and move forward. So for me, being able to find a little extra time or find a little margin to just clear my mind and become aware of what’s around me, that’s been big for me and scare me, cleared a little bit of my head space and it’s really, really helped me relax a little bit and take care of some of the stress because I’m able to get those things done, get a little bit of margin out of my time and it pays me back tenfold, you know, clear that headspace rested when I get to be around my family or I’m trying to expand work or whatever it may be.

I just have that extra space to do it.

I’ll go ahead. I thought you were done.

Sorry, go ahead. No, no, go ahead. Go ahead. Go.

No, no. so this is, this is not a concept from one book, this thing, this book called margin. There was another book I read right before at which they just piggyback on each other so well. Um, and it’s called the miracle morning. If you haven’t ever read that book called my gosh. Both those books need to go. Miracle morning is a lot easier read and I’ll put a link to in the show notes, but it’s basically how entrepreneurs and how successful business owners around the world kind of the rhythms that they find in the things that they do in the morning to get their head right is jeremy’s talking about the headspace and, and to, to position their day. Right? and it’s all about delegating your time, where you want it to go and getting the right things done first so you can have a successful day.

And as independent gestures I think we ignore and we’re independent business owners, so we’re like entrepreneurs. Um, but we kind of ignore a lot of things would just focus, work, work, work, work. And we may not think about all these other things in the miracle morning, I won’t go into all of them, have a lot of them. Even a little bit of exercise, a little bit of a relaxation and, and clear in your mind and doing a little bit of meditation or prayer or whatever that is for you just to sit there and try to purge everything to even breathe. And so that’s the next one is about taking deep breaths before we jump all the way into that. Jeremy, to me, margin doesn’t have to be hard and we’ll get to that in the practical steps. But I just small things because a lot of people I think will get overwhelmed with that step. Like whenever I don’t have march and I can’t have margin, you know, Sean Parsons sitting there shaking his fist at me right now going, you know what? I don’t have enough time in my day. And chris, yOu’re telling me to make more time. I can’t make time. you know,

you know what he’s going to do. If he makeS more time, he’s going to find a way to get more claims and hispanic.

No, I texted him yesterday. He’s doing yard work and I about fell out of my chair. You don’t believe it. He is Just trying to impress you. That’s all it is. So. But seriously, this is not something that has to be overwhelming. Wait till the practical tips. I’ll actually give you some, but there’s. you can’t make more time today. There’s always the same amount of time in a day, but a lot of times how you decide to delegate your time in that day in zagreb, in something being done more productively, so we’ll get to that a little bit later, but jeremy, just breathing real examples. Not my practical example, but a real example of this. When I was reading the book of margin, Jeremy Shaw had mentioned something about breathing and how it relaxed am I completely forgotten about that, but I noticed that was being really snappy with my kids.

Every time they talked to me and I still struggle with this, but every time they come talk to me, interrupt my pattern of thought while I’m working because on the sailboat there’s not much space between us. I’m working and they come in and say, hey dad. And instantly my mind sewn in a tizzy. I’m distracted and I snap at him like what or what do you need or whatever, and I’m like, that’s not how I want to be to my kids. So I put into practice. I deep breath try to. Anyways, I’m been forgetting recently, but I was getting really good for awhile there about breathing does. Yes sir. Or yes, son, what would you like or what would you need or whatever, and that alone, that margin, just that margin to take a breath. That fresh air I brought in helped me deal with this situation in front of me differently. So jeremy, jumping on the breathing point, man, because this is a mindset thing to me. It’s not a practical application, but it is his mindset though.

I absolutely agree. Um, you know, to take deep breaths to a literal sense of multiple things. I’ve done many sort of leadership training or sports training I’ve done, um, you know, just being in intense situations, uh, it comes with work as well. Taking some deep breaths and relaxing and just getting your, your mind where it needs to be can do a lot. I was reading an article the other day about how most people’s days would change if they just took 60 seconds to relax and take some deep breaths. it helps slow your heart rate, which in which in return, just relax you a little bit. Um, but I’m a, I’m a big believer in this because I’ve put it into practice several different things that do. Matter of fact, there’s definitely, there’s different breathing exercises, uh, but I take it in the literal sense, you know, when you get stressed out or something, it’s a great way to do something rhythmic to get your mind focused.

Um, you know, Because you have to take one claim at a time. If you try to look at everything at once in this business, you will get overwhelmed. But if You’re able to relax, take a breath and look at the claim in front of you and tackle that one plane, you’ll notice that things are going to a bit easier. All this stuff iN the peripherals goes away and you’re focused on one thing. And I think that’s really important because this business is fast pace. It’s a high stress. Um, and I think taking a second, take a couple deep breaths and relax is huge and I think it can change the path of your entire day. Just like you said, it helped you with your kids. I think that’s huge. I think that is huge because that’s what it’s all about, our family to me or you know, to me it’s about all my family and I know for you have the same values as well, you know, that altered that entire line of conversation with your child and if you do that on a consistent basis, you know that’s going to take a turn for the better.

So, uh, you know, the people laugh when I say I take it literal because I know take a couple deep breaths. I’m like, no, there’S an actual breathing exercise. I do. There are several. Actually, you know, I learned it and football for being a quarterback, there’s a couple of different ways when you’re reading the defense and breast, you’re supposed to take some basketball before you shoot free, throws a, there’s all sorts of things to make sure that your mind is right before you take action. Um, so I urge people look into that, but I think it’s a great tool to use and I think it’s a simple tool that you know, that everybody has control over and should try to, should try to use

deeper on that. I, I wasn’t breathing the whole time you were doing that and I feel great by the way. I was the breast and, and now barely listening to what Mr. Shaw say. Not really, I was listening great. But I was breathing and I just feel phenomenal. And that whole time was probably about 120 seconds long winded Jeremy Shaw. No, it was awesome. But it one breath. Breathe it all the whole time. take a breath now. Uh, but the whole man, you were talking about taking the deep breaths before you do something, making sure your mind was right before you do something. Now in adjusting and independent adjusting, we are Making probably a thousand decisions every single day. It is exhausting. Exhausting. Should this quarter panel be replaced? Uh, if you’re looking at a roof, should these shingles be replaced? Can I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt?

With my photos that this is damaged, that need replaced. Yes. Yes. No, yes. I mean even a one estimate. There’s so many things you’re having to make decisions and one of the big things we train on and I path is you got to get confident in making a decision even if you’re wrong, but how much better could you make decisions if, like jeremy said, even the pros and back, we’ll get paid millions of dollars and the quarterbacks in football, they learn how to breathe. So their mind that its sharpest, they learn how to eat too, right? That’s, we didn’t even put that in here. But he, uh, it’s uh, so you’re at your sharpest. Um, if you could just take some breaths every time you have to make one of those tough decisions every time you’re getting ready to talk to somebody that maybe you’re irritated with.

Now mr. Adjuster on the phone or mr body, man, that you’re, you’re unsure about what he’s asking. If it’s legit or not or whatever. You’re in a tough situation with an owner and you just would take a breathe breath or two and get yourself in that right mindset before taking action. I think like jeremy saying, your day could be changed just by that and that we’re not even to practical yet. This is all mindset. This is taking the time to think before you speak or before you act and giving yourself that space mentally to remember, I need to breathe and this is important to me and it’s important that I make good decisions. um, and so I just, I really liked that and I think that’s a great tip and something that’s so, so deep. Now, jeremy, talking about deep. I mean, talking about transitions to man, talking about deep, the ocean is deep, right?

oh yeah, it is. It’s pretty intimidating the ocean. And I’ve got a story that I emailed out and you know, not everybody reads my emails and that’s cool. You’re forgiven, whatever the email go out. And so, uh, he has no idea what I’m about to say. But um, you know, I recently had a scary experience with my child. He’s nine years old, my eldest, and um, we were at the beach and the waves were a little rough. We as a family, we’re out there getting knocked down by the waves on purpose because we were just out there having a blast. A florence was off the coast of North Carolina. We’re way down in Florida, but you could tell the waves were more intense just when that storm being in the atlantic. And it was, it was rough knocking us down, hitting our knees, knocking it out from underneath his bills.

Fun. So we’re just getting knocked down for about 40 minutes until I was like, okay, I’m kind of done. I need a break. Me and my wife and my five year old go sit down on the beach and nine year old still playing and uh, my wife hits me on the shoulder and says, look at him. And he’s like floating out there, uh, was standing dab. But he was getting a little bit further out than what I would have felt comfortable in doing. And so I told him to come in with my arm motion, you know, yelled to him. Come in and then we knew right at that moment we saw him that he could no longer touch the bottom and he was going backwards. He was caught In a rip current and he was getting sucked out to sea. He was past the breakers, which he body starts pretty well.

So we were like, he had been inside the breakers, it might’ve pushed him in, but he was outside of that. So my wife goes, we have protocol on the boat, which his dad doesn’t go save you because they’ll probably drown you because I sink, I swim, but I sing better than I float. And um, my wife, uh, swims great. And so she went out to get them and she had to tell him to swim for his life and uh, to get him in. It was, it was a little bit of a dramatic ordeal, but more than anything and made us reassess in, look at these rip currents. We knew about them, we’re aware of them. We even told the kids about them before, but we made him read design in January. Do you know what you supposed to do when you’re caught in a rip current?

If you’re just getting started or if you’re an eye looking for more work. If you’re wanting to diversify where your claims are coming from and expand what types of claims you’re working, then you should definitely check out a cd. A cd is a top nationwide I a firm that has easy to work with, technology and staff. You can get on their roster and start expanding your claims business today by emailing them at network at acd corp. Com. Now let’s get back to the interview. You, jeremy, do you know what you’re supposed to do when you’re caught in a rip current?

Uh, I do not hold your breath and praying. You know, jeremy shells from Texas because he doesn’t know what to do with the rip current because there’s no real water close to him. And then he says to pray he is a southern boy. I love him to death. Um, but he needs to get to the ocean more often. So when you’re kind of rip current or when you’re caught in a claim current, as I call it, and you’re being sucked out to sea, you’re losing your life to have the claims you are supposed to swim sideways because you can’t break that suction. The oceans two powerful claims are too powerful when you find yourself caught in one because by the time you realize your cotton one, it’s too late, right? That tends to snowball hits you. It’s already over you. You’re already in trouble. So how do you get out of that? Right? So this is how you avoid losing your life. Claims is you swim sideways. Now, jeremy, what do you imagine? How has adjusters, could we swim sideways and our life? Uh, what could that mean in a practical sense?


well, I think there’s several different things you can do. You know, if you apply them all at once, it’ll, it helps you have a lot, you know, but me, I like to do one thing or the other so I can find out. I’ll come back and do the rest.

You know, for me it’s taken care of the small things. Before we get way into that, what do yoU. So what would that look like? I’m trying to go big picture here. Sorry. So if, just because I want to make sure this analogy is not lost because people will just drift off into space and be like, well I’m still thinking about what the rip current, how this applies. So I’m still trying to swim sideways. Excited sideways about. Okay. So the swing sideways is when you can’t get straight to the shore. Right? Like if I could Just end this snowball, if I could just end all these claim problems, am I could just get out of the rip current and go to shore everything be better. But know what jeremy, it’s not gonna happen overnight, right? It, there’s not a direct line to. If I focused for three hours, it’s gone.

No, you probably got a little bit of a road ahead of you because you can’t break this on your own. So to swim sideways is to maintain. You need to maintain. You can’t let the situation get worse, swim sideways parallel to the shore, keep going, but just maintained because eventually you break the suction of the rip current. Eventually you see your opportunity to dash to the shore and destroy. That’s noble that was chasing you for so long. You get out of it, you maintain long enough until it breaks, and then if you get so tired that you’re like, I’m going to drown. Like jeremy has done a few times in his time talking with me. I’m done. It’s over. I don’t know if the doe. yeah, exactly. Just go take a nap. Go relax. What did rip tide to sign actually says to swim sideways and then if you get tired, float because basically a situation you don’t get no worse.

You’re at sea. You can’t swim. You can’t drown though. That’s the thing you can’t give up. You can’t let go. So when you can’t break the current and you get tired, you’re swimming sideways. Just take a break. Shut the computer down, walk away, go enjoy your family. Come back, because I guarantee the situation’s not gonna. be that much worse than when he left it. So when you get the energy back, come back in and tackle it, and guess what, you’ll have new energy. So that Is the rip tide that claim current, so to speak. And how you break it. Big picture with the analogy summed up now, jeremy, practical now. Now get into the practical away from christmas. Crazy analogy to the practicals. Your babies. It was your baby. My baby. Apparently it’s all my baby because I’ve been talking the whole time. But now practically, how do they do that? Let’s give them some real handles here.

okay? Yeah, I want to. I’m gonna hop off on this grad school. Um, you know, for me, uh, I’m not so good about it now. It was, it might because I just had my third child in four years and sleep is very rare in my household. But if you listen to the podcast that I did with chris the first time, I’ve talked about a lot about time management, um, and to me in this business, that is huge just because if you take the time, sit down and, and take care of the stuff that needs to be done, you’re gonna, you’re gonna save a lot of time for, for, for, for me, future jeremy. I talked about future jeremy, what I do, Something that I did earlier that day that helped me out later in the day. I give myself a high five and I say thank you or jeremy, Jeremy, uh, just because in this business there’s so much going on at one time. I think it’s really important to sit down

and plan out your day and plan out your week because you have over that and there’s so much in this business you don’t have control over, um, you know, you’ll, you’ll lose your mind. Um, if you don’t, if you don’t sit down and take the time to, to look at your day. For me, um, again, going back to the podcast, I’ll have to wake up super, super early, you know, like to wake up, have a cup of coffee and I’m not worried about work at that point. I’m worried about me, where am I at today, where’s my mind? And I like to relax and take on the day until I’m ready for work. And I, you know, that starts usually around five, 15, 5:30 for me and I usually do that. So about six and then I come in and I get, get my office, I get in front of my laptop and I’ll take, look at what needs to be done today, what’s, you know, when I start, I start the oldest thing, I got to the newest.

Um, but it really, really helps you not only manages your time but you helps you manage your business. Because I’m coming into that day, you know, every, if you wake up early enough, put your hand on everything. You know, exactly everything your business is holding onto right now. And for me that’s in reference to claims. I know what supplements I have. I know what revisions I have, you know, um, I know a new claims I have where they’re at, where I’m going today, so, um, time management and in my opinion, uh, and you know, the rest of these practical sets are kind of sub categories that I would say a and we’ll go and we’ll go into deeper detail about those. But time management in this business is huge. Every when you get a claim, you have 24 hours, 48 hours to send back. Same thing with supplements and I don’t care if you’re four hours away from the last claim that you went, looked at that no one, what else would go get and you spent your last penny on gas. You better guarantee that they’re going to need that supplement back in the next two or three days. So, um, you know, time management is huge and I think the recipe’s coming down after this or definitely sub categories when you agree, chris.

Yeah, absolutely. And one of the big ones for me that I got a partially from the miracle morning a and everything that I’ve been reading and trying to just find a way to corral my crazy mind in my crazy side, trackable nature to get major things done, big things done that I know have to get done in. Typically in claims, it’s usually the hot files, right? There’s usually a, I’ve got a new expression now jeremy, have some inside jokes and experience with this. Basically there are things with gasoline on them. They’re just waiting for the match to be okay. And so you typically know what smells like gas. So when you wake up in, like jeremy was saying, clear your head, get ready for the day, and then you sit down to go do your work, uh, either the night before or that morning, whichever works for you right now, three things, three things that you must get done like that first thing in the morning and you’re just going to kill it.

That will change your day. And typically those are things that smelled like gas claims. you know that if that supplement goes to four days old, they’re going to charge you a rental or you know, if you don’t upload that claim, you inspect yesterday. That lady was a problem. Personal ready? She’s going to complain. If in the morning she doesn’t have an estimate, you know that we typically tend to feel that as we get more experienced. So pick three major things you got to get done. I usually have three major projects that I have to tackle the podcast being one for today that I need to get done for my day to be done right. I can’t shut down until my three things are done or I can’t really start the mundane day until those three things are done in claims I think is so huge. So that’s one really practical thing right out. The first three big things you gotta do cause there’s gonna be a thousand more that come, but how do you start the day? Get Rid of the gasoline so they never turned a fires. Right.

Alright, go ahead jeremy. The next one. Yeah. Of those major three major tasks. Fortunately, I ended up turning the six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and then I’m calling chris to come pull me out with some hot water. Hey buddy, I got a couple of supplements I need help with. I’m out in the middle of Egypt, but anyways, uh,

let’s take a break. I think that is extremely important. I think it is extremely important to clear your head. A kid is all comes back to time management and managing that time and claims all, all this is time constraints can be stressful. So again, we have choices and you can only control ourselves. I think it’s, yOu know, I hate to say this, I’ll ask this from home, um, but sometimes when it gets overwhelming I will close my laptop and I will go downstairs and I will go play with my son and my daughters for 15, 20 minutes because I am just done with it. And at that point, like chris said, I know I’m going to come back to it. It can’t get much worse, but I can’t work in the state I’m in right now. So I think taking to taking a break, huge, you know, I, I do it with my family when I’m on the road and I’m just busy, busy, busy, and I’m taking phone call after phone call.

The bluetooth is burning, burning up through the truck, you know, I’m a big fan of taking the 15 minutes of the day, stopping in somewhere, grabbing a cup of coffee or grabbing a snack and just listening, listen to music. I get on, get on linkedin. I’ll just kind of take a take a little vacation for a little bit, which is I believe it’s huge for people to be more productive in that day. I think by taking that 15, 20 minutes out of your day, take a break and clear your head will make you so much more productive. The rest of them.

Counter intuitive thing, right? Is that by taking time you actually get faster. And it’s true. Jeremy had a bunch of supplements he Wanted me to do the other day and I was like, crap. Normally when I’m in a bad state, supplements gobble up so much of my time, but he sent me. I hope my guys, I didn’t think it was like nine that day and I knocked them things out because I had taken a break. I was in a good space, family was good. I came back and knocked on nine supplements in under two hours and that never happens. But if I had just kept going from one job to the next to the next, the next and never stopped, I don’t think it would have only taken two hours, I think it would’ve taken for and I wouldn’t have been right with the family, wouldn’t have been right in my own head.

So it’s counterintuitive and that’s part of what that book margin is all about. It’s counterintuitive. So, uh, just be aware of that. Uh, in. I know we could talk for like an hour on that one. So pick this. The next, a practical tip is a, this one’s been revolutionary for me and my family as well as pick one time for you and your family that’s set in stone everyday of possible. So for me and my family, especially my wife, uh, 9:00 in the morning to 10:00 is tries to be as much as possible, hollow ground for coffee time. Like that’s where we sit down and we do our thing because I work from home, uh, and m all remote work at this point in my career it is. I get up really early 5:00 and I worked in it and then I take an hour break, right? It’s like a lunch break almost.

And from nine to 10 is coffee time. And that’s when we read the bible together. We talked to each other, we reconnect, we kind of reset what’s going on with the day. And then from there, uh, we, we tackle what we’ve got to tackle. But that time if I don’t get that time or my wife doesn’t get the time, we start getting crabby. And so we try to have to everyday but at least have one that you know, you and your family or even if it’s just you, you yourself have to just relax, take that tIme. And it was huge. But pick that time beforehand, schedule it in or you won’t take it. Alright. You agree with that? you want to take that next one?

Oh yeah. He’s a master of this to this thing. um, you know, I, I was when I was young guy. Oh this next, uh, this next tip, which is really a big tip until you start doing all the time. Ron raglan said, Jeremy Shaw, if you would wake up every morning and status every single one of your files, I don’t care what it is, say, hey, you can’t schedule this out for another company. Whatever it is, we just want to know what’s going on. So you back to the adjusters, your life will change. And he was not wrong. Um, you know, that’s one reason I started waking up really early is so I could beat all of these csrs and these adjusters to being curious about what’s going on with their file. You will be so surprised at how many fires you can avoid by being the first to punch.

And especially when it, when it comes to satisfying your files, when you get a file accepted status, it just let them know, hey listen, I’m working on content and just even if you’re working on contact the owner, you have so many files backed up, you know, only be contacted in the last 24 hours. Um, you know, when I have a word document fuLl of, um, you know, premade statuses that I just copy and paste from. But thIs is a, this is huge. If you get one thing we’re saying they please, if you’re an independent appraiser, go in there and status every single. Yes, go ahead.

Can we get that google doc, we’ll clean it up or do whatever and put a little fancy logo on it and something and make it available to the listener to be able to download so they can have your cheat sheet. A statuses.

Absolutely they can, I’ll, I’ll clean it up. It’s a little rough, but absolutely we’ll put it up for everyone to see. And it makes it made my life a lot simpler. You know, just copy paste it in. And obviously there’s some variables in there, each claim is different, but you know, close to the same. So absolutely, I’d love to show.

Yeah, yeah, that’d be great. And there is no quicker way to deflate a snowball a then the status, the file, uh, that’s, that’s the biggest way to give you. Give yourself some space, create margin and to get that snowball rolling. yeah, he’s absolutely right on that. And then I’m going to blow through this next one real fast. It’s really simple sounding, but it’s choose how much work you actually want a. So I get asked by new adjuster is all the time, how much work should I try to get? Well, that’s one thing, but it, uh, it becomes something else. As you become a veteran or as you get further in your career and you start getting more than what you wanted to get right? When you finally get to that point and then it does doubles or triples and you don’t put the brakes on, that’s when the snowballs occur.

So I decide how much work it is that you want. Put your goals down, you know, have an idea of what you want to make per year and don’t just say six figures like that’s just not a manageable goal at all the time. And if it is your goal, say it’s 105,000. Don’t just say six figures, say 105,000, figure out what that is a month, figure out what that is a week and then that’s your goal. Put it down and get that many claims. For me it was five claims every day on average a week, so 25 miles a week. If I can dO that though, averaged out to about $72,000 a year. And if I did that, that was good. I didn’t always do it well, hold node the damn back. When you know you start getting a little greedy, you get a bunch of files, you’re kind of excited about it, but just understand what it is you, how much work you actually want so that way you know when you’re to the point of this is more than what I really want because your life will change and you will lose your life for a few dollars and it only feels like a few dollars.

It doesn’t. Even when you get all those claims, they never really feels like you made a whole lot more, so just know what it is that you want and how much work that is.

All right, moving on down. I’m glad to get the status on this next one. Practical tips is great. Handle supplements fast. That is so important. In my business. We made a rule a. We’ve been a little lax lately just because getting a. We’re slowing down a little bit. We feel like we can take, take a deep breath, but that’s not the case. A handle supplements fast, so as soon as the supplement comes in, I urge everyone. The first thing to do is find out where it’s at. All the shop gets photos and voice and estimate. Most of the appraisal companies nowadays are doing that. That’s the first thing that I send to the shop when they get a notification. But go ahead and do that. Work yourself because once that shop that serves advisor, I was working on your claim, here’s your voice. they know someone’s with him.

Uh, what happens is people won’t get on the phone with the shop. Shop tells a customer, customer calls, uh, their, their carrier, carrier calls the appraisal, the tpa, the tpa calls you and you’ve only had the thing for 24 hours, but it’s blowing up because people don’t feel like they’ve been taken care of. So as soon as you get that supplement called the shop, get all the information you can seeing if you have to go back and go back out and reinspect. And if you don’t get that thing knocked out and get out of the way, supplements will get you in trouble and they will delay any new claims coming in. If you have some old harry supplements, your new claims are going to suffer, so getting their handle, the supplements fast, get on back to the carrier and make sure you contact the shop and make sure you get everything you need. That way when it comeS back through audit that everything goes through smoothly. They got their invoices, they get their proof of damages, photos, and you know they have their match supplements, pretty simple, not as easy to do all the time, especially when you’re overloaded. A Colorado health supplements.

Again, it comes back to the one you handled before status your file, so if you call the shop request that information, it might take them two days to get it to you, but if you status right then and there that I contacted, shop requested documents to be sent over waiting on photos in invoices, what yada yada, yada. Guess what? You’re cool. You’re cool. Until that comes in, so status, your file status, your supplements. It’s all the same thing, but just handle that stuff fast because it’ll void those phone calls, right? Am I right?

yeah. Stop the phone calls and the emails and the text and the carriers and all that synonym.

Yeah. No, because you could end up getting for phone calls for one file. It’s horrible. So last one, and we’ll let you guys go. We know you’re busy handling claims, driving around, uh, you know, we want to let you go claim your own life and we want you to avoid losing your life to claims in. The last practical tip we have is to delegate. Now, depending on how large your company is, depending on where you’re at in your career, you may or may not have this, but there’s some different ways you can do this. This ability to delegate something to somebody else. Now, the iaa companies like sea acd, even nationwide appraisals and ian at and some I believe, I don’t know if every single one of those do, but I know three of them do. They have like desk writing, remote service built into their system where if you get overwhelmed, you can start delegating files back to them.

Be like, I can you guys write this up to help me because I’m just slammed. If you ask them, most of the time they’ll be happy to help. They might take some of the file away, you know, like a, a, a fee for that 20, 25 bucks. But listen, when you’re busy and you have that work, keep in 40, 50 or 40 slash $45 and given away twenties and okay, deal, right? Because you’re giving away a big chunk of that work, so that’s one way you can delegate even if you’re a single guy. Another way you can delegate is doing with mr. Shaw occasionally does when he gets overwhelmed is calling on another way. Hey, you want to write some claims for me? Mr chris stanley, mr jody, mr whoever, right? Delegate or you knew of, there was this thing where, yeah, likeminded ias. Got to get it.

Only if only. So that’s, that’s the one week you’ll even away from that. Get away from claims a little bit. Just you’re still handling your claims, you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you just don’t mow the yard that week. Maybe you delegate it to a yard service. You pay somebody 75 bucks to do that, or maybe you delegate fixing something or maybe you delegate something that’s going to make your life a little bit easier just by not handling it in the way of outside of claims so you know there’s some different ways you can do that. Don’t be so wrapped in like, well, I don’t have any employees, chris. I can’t delegate this. Listen, sometimes it’s the simple delegations of taking one or two things off your plate that does free you up. What are those things that are burdening you? Try to find a way to delegate some of that out because a lot of times it’s just a mental burden more than anything and if you can remove that off your plate, all of a sudden you’re, you’re, you’re seeing looks a little bit different and you’re able to break the rip tide or the claim current a little bit faster.

Jeremy, anything to add before we wrap up this podcast?

Not that I can think of. A time management is where it all starts. I think waking up first part of your day and taking care of some of this stuff, we’re really help save time. The rest of the day cleared up some phone calls and emails and some stress. Excuse me, but you might get from not having status files or supplements not handled all sorts of things. I think all these things go hand in hand

and then I’m going to disagree with you lie and this is not the first. And this will not be the last time. Okay. So he said it all starts with time management and yes, he’s obviously right to some extent, but I believe it goes back to the mindset that allows you to even focus on time management. Because to me, if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you don’t know where to spend your time. You don’t know what to give your time too. So guys, I’m sorry. It’s okay. You’re right, but you’re wrong. And uh, so I’ll live with that address. So guys, as you go about your week, figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remember that, write it down and put a picture. Whatever your goals, dreams, aspirations, family things that you’re doing it for, put that down. Remember that, and then like jeremy said, do you take the time to figure out your time management and then go through and take some of these tips.

You can look through them on the show notes that way, uh, you know you’re not left trying to remember all the ramblings that we talked about and maybe you actually get some sense out of it when you see it broken down in a simple list versus our long winded explanation. So I appreciate you guys listening to the independent adjuster podcast and if you are looking for help walking this journey, if you are trying desperately to get to the point where you lose your life because you actually are looking for your first claims or you’re looking for your next round of claims, you’re transitioning in your career and you need a proven roadmap. Jeremy, why wish there was a place they could go to get a proven roadmap and an instruction manual of how to use it? Well, how could we do that? Hm. No, I think I’ve heard of something before.

Oh yeah, I think someone just wrote a book the entire roadmap on how to be successful. Oh, I think they can go find it. It playbook. Is it ipad playbook.com. So close. No, you’re. You’re right, but you’re wrong. You’re living at the address. Again, idiots. I a playbook.com. Guys, if you looking for a proven roadmap, proven system, a proven path to follow one that jeremy and I have walked unknowingly, one that dozens of others that we’ve talked to intimately have walked head over to the guy playbook.com and get your free copy of the independent adjusters playbook. It’s the brand new book from my path and it is a step by step guide and roadmap to becoming a successful independent adjuster. It’s free. All you gotta do is pay shipping and we’ll ship it out to you. It looks to be launching about October 17th, so Jeremy Shaw. Thanks again once again for your time. Mr. Cole, who was student body president in lead recruiter and many other titles to come. Sir, I appreciate it. It’s always, always a great time. All right, until next week guys. We’ll see you [email protected] will get your copy and then I’ll continue to claim your life.



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