IA Times 11th Edition: Why IA’s MUST Be and CAN Be Superheroes

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Halloween is tomorrow, now I don’t know about you, but dressing up isn’t my thing. Whether it is getting in a suit and tie, or putting on make-up for Halloween… ain’t gonna happen.

If I DID dress up, I’d go with something my nerdy 34-year-old self would think is cool…. something like Captain America, Superman, (a la Tony Canas) or I’d dress up as a sailor… something I really am.

In fact I looked up what the “Most popular Halloween costumes of 2019” were… any guesses? Joker (bad guy superhero) and Captain Marvel (for that not so avid superhero fans… its a lady superhero.

So what is it about superheroes that is so fascinating so grown men…. come on ladies be honest, to grown PEOPLE? (its in the results Captain Marvel is a lady!) Why does the Avengers and other Marvel movies top box offices movie after movies and what does it mean for us as IA’s? That is what I’m going to talk about today.

Why IA’s MUST Be Superheroes

Being a superhero… a lot is expected of you. You see in the latest Spiderman movie, Spiderman Far From Home, Spiderman DOESN’T want the responsibility of saving the world or leading a team of superheroes…. why not?

Because of what that means…. the expectations. If you are an IA there are som serious expectations on you to SAVE the day with every claim. Not just by the insureds, but by the IA Firm, the insurance company and your family.

We can’t mail it in on any single claim, because that may be our last shot… the world as we know it may end if we don’t do our best, give the best cycle time as fast as Flash or care for the insured like Captain America.

We must not be only one superhero, but we are expected to be ALL superheroes at once. Staff insurance adjusters have unique challenges we don’t face, but I know that we face MANY challenges they can never understand.

We not only have to run our claims for the insurance company but up to 50 insureds for 10 insurance companies across 5 IA Firms, spanning 3 cities, all in a 24hr period because EVERYONE believes correctly that THEIR claim is the most important to save…. ummmm inspect.

But we can’t save them all…. can we?

Yes, if we were Flash, yes if we had the Time Stone from the Avengers to turn back time, maybe if we could heal ourselves like Wolverine, or if we had a team like the Avengers…. but we can’t…. can we?

Well if you’d see me run you’d know there is NO WAY I’m the Flash, and I doubt very seriously you had a shiny green necklace under your shirt that will control time, but maybe… just maybe we can be super “enough” to save the day.

Maybe we can save everyone, but how? STATUSING and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Many times when we get busy we incorrectly start inspecting claims like a mad man and forget we have a time stone of sorts that can set back the clock on a claim. You may have 50 or 5 claims to handle, but you don’t have to inspect those within a day… you just need to STATUS those within a day.

Statusing is the secret Time Stone of our industry and it will reset the clock for 24hrs on your claims…. but use it wisely and honestly.

Customer service is also a GREAT superpower you likely harness in your toolkit. Giving great customer service WHEN you interact with people will make people more forgiving, nicer, and will have a mind control effect on most people you interact with. You have taken 3 days, but when you showed up you weren’t in a rush, you conversed with the insured, you call the adjuster to warn them of a potential problem and you ultimately SAVED THE DAY.

As IA’s we can’t just be “another IA” we must be SUPERHEROES on every claim! Use statusing and customer service as your great weapons and paired together with your X-ray vision for seeing damages and writing estimates you’ll be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Lookout catastrophes, get out of our way confusion, watch out mayhem and wrecks because there are new superheroes in town.










Save the day and be the superhero this week…. one claim at a time.

Meet Ava, Your New Virtual Assistant

AVe is going to be your Alfred, your right-hand man…. or women, your sidekick. Ava will help you organize and keep track of your claims ABSOLUTELY FREE.  There is no charge to use Ava, because at IA Path we believe IA’s need to be able to manage their claims from a single spot at no cost. You can click HERE to get on the waiting list for Ava. (expected to report for work December 2019)

We call the claim management portion Ava’s Desk. You just drop your files on Ava’s Desk and she’ll take care of them. Instead of you having to add them to a spreadsheet, create folders on your desktop, or copying and pasting the information into a different system, Ava will do it in seconds automatically. Then you can manage and track your claims from there FOR FREE.

Now, where Ava shines is when you need help with your claims and you wish you could hire someone to make the job quicker and easier. Ava will be able to do WORK FOR YOU. Yes, you heard that right. Many tasks we handle are redundant and need to be automated, but why let the big boys automate it, we want to give you the power at the grassroots level to be able to have Ava do the time-sucking tasks so you can focus on your expertise and on Claiming Your Life.

If you’ve ever used IA Path’s other software product, Autoforms, you have an idea of what this is like. Autoforms fills out total loss forms like CCC Valuation or Autosource forms in seconds so you don’t have to click over 100 times to check the vehicle options and copy and paste admin information from your estimate.

Autoforms is built into Ava. Each time you want Ava to do an optional premium feature and do the work for you (like filling out a total loss form and many more cool things to come) there is a small per-use cost. Instead of worrying if your assistant will leave because you aren’t paying them enough, Ava will be there when you need her to spend time working on your files and when you don’t at no cost. Just pay her for the work that you ask her to do and nothing else!

There will be no contracts and no subscriptions are required. Ava is the help IA’s have been waiting for, FREE help to manage and run your business and claims plus help to handle your claim tasks inexpensively when you need it!

Ava is in training and learning a lot of things to be able to help you as an IA. We are spending lots of time teaching Ava to understand EXACTLY how to help you and when to do it. We’ll reveal more as time goes on, but we expect Ava to be ready to work for you in December 2019.

If you want a FREE help running and managing your IA business click HERE to get on the Ava waiting list so you can have the first opportunity to work with Ava. This is unlike ANYTHING we’ve ever had an opportunity to use before!

New This Week

Independent Adjuster Podcast – IA 145: The Most Important Question an Independent Adjuster Can Ask Themselves

We need to ask ourselves A LOT of questions as independent adjusters that own our own businesses… but today our question comes from a business building expert Donald Miller of Storybrand.

He tells his audience to ask themselves a very specific question and Chris decides to turn and ask you the same question. Find out what the most important question you can be asking yourself is…. today on the podcast. It’ll help you be a superhero in your claims.

Click HERE to listen.


“To achieve high level of accuracy, ARRIM ONE uses a series of sophisticated technologies, including virtual 3D coordinate system, Phase-shift laser measurement, Characteristic point tracking, Augmented Reality, and our patented algorithm.”

Sounds like I need to put on my Spock ears to use this gadget.

What does all that lingo mean for us, as cat adjusters?  I mean, what does this little tiny thing really DO anyway?

Find out HERE.

Adjuster Talk – 3 Encore Episodes!

Jason Heenan re-posts some of his most popular episodes this week and I’m honored I’m in two of them and IA Path’s community member and mentor Kagan Blackburn is another!

The following episodes were re-posted this week click each one to listen.

Encore Episode: 051 The Insurance Adjusting Industry is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT with Chris Stanley Part 1

Encore Episode: Chris Stanley on Getting Into Auto Insurance Adjusting Part 2

Encore Episode: It’s All About Relationships and the Hustle with Kagan Blackburn

How have you saved the claim world in the last week? Send me email at [email protected] and let me know something crazy that has happened for you in your career or claims recently.

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