Trying to Become an Independent Adjuster?

Here is How You Can Become an Independent Adjuster

There is more than one way to become an independent adjuster, but we’ll show you how to become a working independent adjuster in 90 days

Pros and Cons of Being an Independent Adjuster


  • You own your own business
  • You are 1099 contractor (occasionally W-2)
  • You work for multiple companies
  • You can work catastrophic or daily claims
  • Auto, property, and desk work opportunities
  • You can easily change from one type of work to another


  • You must build your business
  • You are a “rented” adjuster
  • Can be inconsistent income
  • You are responsible for taxes/expenses
  • Can be weather dependent

How to Become an Independent Adjuster

Below is the roadmap of how to become an independent insurance adjuster, step by step.
 Phase 1: Make Your Business
  • Start Auto Training
  • Get an Adjuster License
  • Obtain Your EIN
  • Apply for an LLC (or S-Corp)
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Get Proper Insurance
  • Complete Your Auto Training
PHASE 2: Market Your Business
  • Take auto software training
  • Prepare your resume
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile
  • Get on photo rosters
  • Find and join 13 rosters
  • Purchase estimating software
Phase 3: Manage Your Business
  • Hail and flood auto training
  • More adjuster licenses
  • State Farm certification and rosters
  • Ten more catastrophic IA firm rosters
  • $2,000 minimum storm fund
  • Cat deployment bag

How to Start Your Independent Adjusting Career

We at IA Path LOVE to help new adjusters figure out how to enter the industry. Our Independent Adjuster Mentorship programs puts you on the path to getting work in as little as 90 days.

Independent Adjuster's Path Mentorship Program

This year-long mentorship program guides you, the new independent adjuster, into building your own business and helps you get started working claims in as little as 90 days. We continue to support you for the entire 12 months to make sure they can get all their questions answered. We provide training and certifications to get the experience requirements waived with over 25 hiring companies across the nation.

Have Questions?

Set up a phone call to talk with one of us to ask questions about the industry and find out if our mentorship programs are right for you.

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Independent Adjuster's Playbook

Independent Adjuster's Playbook

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