IA 109: Networking Adjuster’s Playbook – Introduction

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(Below you’ll find the first draft of the Introduction to the “Networking Adjuster’s Playbook” offered as a behind the scenes look at what Kagan Blackburn and I are working on… enjoy!)

Networking is more than shaking hands, more than liking a post, it takes investment, risk, and effort. The lucky always seem to be “natural” at it as the rest of us struggle to find traction.

After writing the “Independent Adjuster’s Playbook,” I felt I had left a void for those who wanted to follow the roadmap I provided. It gave good career advice step by step, but when it came to connecting to IA Firms I knew I hadn’t gone deep enough. The results between two students doing the same things were WILDLY different. “Why?”

It took a while to put a finger on it, but when I sat back and compared different people and why some struggled going through the motions, and why others would flourish. I noticed an X-factor, some had an “it” factor and others wouldn’t. The more I contemplated the more I realized what “it” was. These individuals understood or practiced the basic principles of “networking.”

What is networking? How can you become a good networker? What characteristics do you need? Can anyone become a good networker?

These are the questions I had as I contemplated this book. I am “OK” at networking and have found my way to some moderate success, but I couldn’t teach anyone how to network, I didn’t understand it enough. Enter Kagan Blackburn.

This young man contacted me about my auto adjuster training classes. I was instantly charmed by his demeanor, compliments, and attracted by his energy.

This kid had “it,” he knew how to network. I use kid on purpose, he is only 22 years old and he makes me feel like I’m ancient at 34. Already at 22, he’s mastered what some of us struggle with our entire life, connection.

I watched him over the next few months and saw him quickly scale the networking ranks of the IA industry and asked him about his methods, strategies, and processes. His answers blew me away and I knew we had to write this book together.

What I didn’t know was how deep the answers were. Although templates, checkboxes, and lists help, it isn’t that simple to master networking or connection, it is something you need to be. Don’t give up just yet. What I found as we dug into Kagan’s past, trying to unlock the secrets of networking, is that he has every reason to not be good at networking and has zero natural advantages.

Why is this important? Kagan LEARNED to network. This wasn’t given to him at birth, but something earned through his desire for real human connection.

If you want to improve your networking skills that will help you succeed as an independent adjuster (or any career for that matter) you can improve through reading and applying what Kagan and I have presented inside of these pages. The book is laid out into three sections.

 The first section is The Principles. What unseen laws govern a great networker? Kagan bore his soul to me and graciously agreed to let me dissect him in an effort to help you become successful. We’ll use Kagan’s story to give us a framework of which to discuss these principles and how they apply in the real world with real human beings. He is far from perfect, but a perfect example of how anyone can become a networker.

The second section is The Playbook. Here we will give you practical things to go and apply to your networking efforts. We will lean heavily on what Kagan and I have both done and practiced to give you two different vantage points on how to network your way to a successful career. Here you’ll find our templates, lists, processes, and methods that are easily reproducible.

Lastly, the third section is called, The Practice. This is where it’s your turn to apply what you’ve learned in the first two sections. This book not only contains what we learned and how to apply it but also an entire networking system that lets you keep track of the process right here inside of this book. This book will become your black book for networking success.

Please understand this is an investigative look and exploration into what makes someone a good networker. I don’t own a billion dollar company, I’ve never shaken the president’s hand, but if you want to discover with me how to make better, more genuine human connections, healthier relationships, which will drive your success in your chosen career field and life, this book if for you.

Let the journey begin.

I hope you are as excited for this book to come out as I am! We are still in the process or writing and refining the book, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what the “Networking Adjuster’s Playbook” is going to be about.

Stay tuned! We expect it to be completed and released in February 2019.

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