This page has all the resources (plus a few extra) that were listed in the Networking Adjuster’s Playbook by Chris Stanley & Kagan Blackburn broken down chapter by chapter.

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Authors of the Book

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Interview with Kagan Blackburn

After we wrote the book I interviewed my co-author, Kagan Blackburn on his thoughts about Networking.

Books About How to Become an Adjuster

For many people Networking is how you are going to get a break out opportunity in the insurance industry. Below are books that will help you have a roadmap and process for getting started in your adjusting career.

Independent Adjuster’s Playbook

Independent Adjuster's Playbook
This is a book Chris wrote as a step by step guide & roadmap to becoming a successful independent adjuster. If you want to know how to build up your career and independent adjuster or auto damage appraiser business this is the book to grab!

Insurance Company Adjuster’s Playbook

Independent Adjuster's Playbook

This book was written by Chris Stanley & John Bachmann to help you break into the insurance industry at an insurance company. This is a career guide for getting hired and promoted as an adjuster for an insurance company. It will be released Oct 18th 2020.

O = Set Objectives

Jason Heenan Host of the AdjusterTalk Podcast

Jason Heenan in an industry leader who founded an IA Firm called Royal Adjusting Services. He also is the host of an awesome podcast called the AdjusterTalk Podcast. Below is an episode where he interviews Kagan Blackburn.

Jason Heenan’s AdjusterTalk Interview of Kagan Blackburn

Interview of Jason Heenan and His Thoughts on Networking

R = Be Rare

 Jeremy Rettig of Adjuster University

In this chapter I mention a good friend, Jeremy Rettig. He is the foudner of Adjuster University an online adjuster training website. If your intersted in checking out what he and his company do check them out and connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn!

K = Have Knowledge


In this chapter we mention a ton of resources that you can check out to stay organized, keep track of your network of people etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Managers)

We mention you may want to keep track of all your contacts in a CRM so I thought I’d share my favorite CRM’s and things you can use as a CRM here.


This is a free CRM and is a solid option


Totally an amazing product if you want purchase a CRM. Super easy to use and track.


Not a CRM, but can be used as a CRM. Trello is my favorite software ever created.

LinkedIn Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is the best networking platlform for business professionals. If you aren’t on it… get on it!

Email Reminder: Boomerang

Great tool to throw your email to come back to you in the future.

Email Inbox Organizer: Sanebox

Great tool to clean up your inbox! Sanebox will organize your email and keep you caught up. I personally use this no a daily basis.

Review the Independent Adjuster Path

Independent Adjuster Path Roadmap

Your step by step guide of how to become an independent adjuster. Download the graphic by right clicking on the image and click “Save Image”. If you want more help with this journey we have a 1 year mentorship program that includes all the training you need to get started. We’ve also written a book that will help you walk through this as well.

Step #1: Set Up Your Email

Get a Domain Through Namecheap

Quick and easy domains and business class GMAIL through Namecheap.

GMAIL Account

Easiest and best email provider for you to use. Also easy to turn into a custom business email account.

Email Signature

You can set your own up through GMAIL or you can use a professionally generated one using the product I use below.


Feel free to copy and paste this into your GMAIL signature.


This electronic mail transmission (and/or the documents accompanying it) may contain confidential information belonging to the sender which is protected. The information is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify us by email and delete/destroy all copies.

Grammar and Spellchecker In Your Email & Online!

I use Grammarly in everything I do. This helps me look more professional no matter where I’m typing (FYI it just caught me spelling “professional” with only one “s”)

Step #2: Resume

Adjuster’s Resume Playbook
by Chris Stanley & John Bachmann

Are you ready to get work as an adjuster? 

Ready for a recession proof career? Worried you don’t have enough experience to get hired?

Whether you are creating your resume because you are wanting to become a independent adjuster or get hired by an insurance company, this book is for you!

This book is a step by step guide of how to craft your resume as a qualified candidate for an insurance adjuster job regardless of how much experience you have handling claims.

  • See how to craft your professional and life experiences to match the criteria of job postings.
  • Find out what the hiring companies are looking for in a resume.
  • Beat the computer-based applicant tracking system so you can talk to a human.
  • Get tips that’ll improve your odds so you can avoid what gets 70%+ applicants resumes thrown into the garbage.
  • Create your resume, step by step, along with the authors. It has never been this easy.

Step #4: IA Networking Machine

IA Networking Machine IA Firm List

We want to give you a list of IA Firms we’ve gathered from across the internet. These 150 IA Firms are there for you to connect with and NETWORK with.

Email #1: The Baited Intro

Baited Intro Email Template

A great way to get an IA Firm to respond to you is to ask a question. This template is trying to get a response from the company rather than just submitting a resume and never hearing anything.

Email #2: Investigative Probe

Investigative Probe Email Template

This email template gives you a way to reach out to an IA Firm that has proven unresponsive after the intial contact attempt without feeling like a nag.

Email #3: Custom Response

Custom Response Email Template

Here we’ll cook up a custom response based on the IA Firms reply. We provide 2 templates for this email. The first one focuses on if they accepted you onto their roster. The second is a rejected response if they said you didn’t meet their requirements or they don’t need your services at this time. MAKE SURE YOU EDIT THIS ONE to address what the IA Firm has said.

Email #4: Can I Help?

Can I Help? Email Template

There is nothing worse to an IA Firm than being begged for work or being asked, “Is there any work out there?” Positioning your request as an offer to HELP makes a huge difference. The delivery and tone in which you talk with people matters. Our goal is to make this tone a genuine offer to help. A phone call will also go a long way to re-kindle the relationship.

Email #5: Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit Email Template

Like stopping by to visit an old friend, checking in on an IA Firm to remind them that you are thinking about them and available to help can make sure you are top of mind when an opportunity arises. As Kagan loves to say, “Networking is where relationships meet preparation and opportunity…” so make sure you steward your relationship and help it meet opportunity with this template.