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2020 Testing & Certification Dates
Each Testing Goes for 4 Weeks for a total of 5 Thursday Nights 8-10pm (EST)
Mar 5th - April 2nd
Sept 3rd - Oct 1st

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Success As An Independent Adjuster Depends 
As Much On Who You Know As What You Know
Decide Your Future
Two people apply to the same independent adjuster firm looking for work. One person gets work immediately and has a successful career as an Independent Adjuster. The other person struggles to get called back and ultimately never gets through the door. Both people were licensed, both had software and job training, but there is one critical difference between the two--who they knew within the industry.

When you are starting out as an IA and you don't have any experience, it can be especially difficult to find claims work. IA Firms do not want to take needless risks on someone they do not know. However, if you are applying to IA Firms, and know someone that they know, who is willing to vouch for your experience and professionalism, the game changes immediately.
The Property Adjuster Designation does exactly that for you by letting our certified partners know that you have the training to write claims professionally and efficiently. The Property Adjuster Designation is more than a badge you receive from taking a course, it is a mentorship package where you will have access to successful licensed adjusters as well as being assigned a personal IA guide that will personally take you step by step through the courses.

The property mentors you will have access to are well connected in the industry and will teach you everything they did to succeed in the property adjusting industry, and your personal IA Guide will ensure that you check every essential box on your path to your new career. 

Also included in the Property Adjuster's Path is the option to gain both the Catastrophic Designation and the Auto Certification, both of which will also help you to find claims and grow your business.
  • Get Certified Showing Our National Partners You Mean Business
  • Be Recognized And Get To The Top Of Deployment Lists
  • Succeed As An Independent Adjuster And Grow Your Business
The Property Adjuster Designation is IA Path's stamp of approval that will get your name to the top of property rosters with our national partners.
The Catastrophic Adjuster Designation lets our national partners know that you can handle catastrophic claims.
The Auto Certification is recommended as your first certification through IA Path. This certification will get you working fast as our national partners will waive experience requirements if you have received this certification.
Meet the Mentors You Will Have In Your Corner
On the Property Adjuster's Path, you will have exclusive access to experts in the Independent Adjusting industry.

Chris Stanley -- Owner & Founder of IA Path

Owner and Founder of IA Path, and author of the Amazon Best Selling Independent Adjuster Book Series, Chris has over a decade of experience in the adjusting world and has spent the last few years training new IAs.  Chris founded IA Path to help people like you claim their life and become a successful independent adjuster.

Mathew Allen -- AdjusterTV

Host of AdjusterTV, Mathew Allen has personally been on site for most of the major disasters of the 21st century, helping regular people get back on their feet during a time of major crises in their lives. Mathew Allen serves as both an instructor and a mentor in the Property Adjuster's Path.  Take full advantage of this industry expert and become a Property Protégé today!

Jason Heenan -- AdjusterTalk Podcast

Co-Founder of Royal Adjusting Services & Royal Adjusting Services Academy and host of
the Adjuster Talk Podcast, Jason Heenan has been at the tip of the spear of the Independent Adjusting industry. As a mentor, Jason Heenan will show you the ropes and the shortcuts that will turn you into the professional you want to become. 

Kagan Blackburn -- Co-Author of the Networking Adjuster's Playbook 

Published Author & 6 Figure Adjuster, Kagan Blackburn is no stranger to success. Fresh on the scene of Independent Adjusting and only 23 years old, Kagan has already made over $100,000 in a single year! Let his success rub off on you by becoming a Property Protégé now!
With Experts Like This In Your Corner, You Can't Lose -- Don't miss out on this opportunity
With The Property Adjuster's Path
We Guide You Through All 4 Phases Of Becoming A Property IA
We Help You 
Lay the Foundation 
for Your Future Career
Learn How to Properly 
Identify and Write Damages
Position Yourself as the Professional You Are and Connect to IA Firms
Pursue Auto or Inside Adjusting to Earn Money For Your Property Deployments
This Is Your Roadmap To Becoming An Independent Property Adjuster
Take the shortcut professionals wish they had -- the fastest way to become an IA, period
The Property Adjuster's Path Is A Curated Course Bundle
Hand Selected By The Expert Property Adjuster From AdjusterTV
Mathew Allen
This Program Has Everything You Need
Follow The Blueprint Laid Out By Mathew Allen
The Property Adjuster's Path Has Everything You Need To Become A Successful Property Adjuster. Let Mathew Allen Direct You To Success With This Premier Curated Course Bundle In Partnership With AdjusterTV, Adjuster University, AdjusterPro, & Haag Engineering.
Learn from the best -- Get In front of the rest
IA Path Has Partnered With AdjusterTV, AdjusterPro, Adjuster University, And Haag Engineering To Create A Comprehensive
Curated Bundle Of The Best Online Property Training
The Property Adjuster's Path Guides You Through All Of The Steps To Become An Independent Property Adjuster. We Tell What To Get, What To Look For, When To Get Your Licenses & Which Ones You Will Need, And We Get You All Of The Training You Need To Thrive In A Lucrative Industry
Everything You Need, In One Place, For One Low Price
Valued At More Than $21,000. Yours For $4,797
Take the property Adjuster's path -- become an independent property adjuster
Included In the property adjuster's path
Property Adjuster Designation
Valued At $3000
Property Adjuster Designation
Get The Designation That Will Get You Working Fast. The Property Adjuster Designation Lets Our National Partners Know That You Are Ready For Deployment. 
Certify Your Knowledge & Assure IA Firms That You Can Write Claims
Get your resume to the top of the list  -- get the property adjuster designation
Included in the property adjuster's path
Protege Mentorship
Valued At $4000
Protege Mentorship
Fall Under the Wing and Get Advice From Experts and Industry Leaders Like Jason Heenan, Mathew Allen, Kagan Blackburn, and Chris Stanley.
Get The Hands On Mentoring You Need To Succeed
let the industry experts show you the ropes -- race to the top of deployment rosters
Included In the property adjuster's path
Shadow Ride-A-Longs
Valued At $2000
Shadow Ride-A-Longs
Get The Opportunity To Shadow A Successful Independent Adjuster, Seeing Them Handle Lives Claims, And Find Out Exactly What A Day In The Life Of An Adjuster Is Like.
See How It's Done Before You Get Deployed
DON’T get caught off guard  -- experience the life of an adjuster before you get deployed
Included in the property adjuster's path
IA Guide
Valued At $2000
IA Guide
Get Assigned A Personal Guide That Will Keep You Focused & On Track, While Answering All Of Your Questions & Ensuring That You Have the Support You Need to Succeed As An Independent Adjuster.
get assigned a personal iA guide
never feel lost again -- let your ia guide show you the way
Included In the property adjuster's path
Valued At $1200
Make Sure You Stay On Track, Keep Making Progress Toward Your Goals, And Network With Other IA's With The Monthly Group Video Business Coaching Call.
Monthly Checkpoint Group Coaching Video Call
Stay on track  -- ask questions, get answers
Included in the property adjuster's path
Residential Hail Certification By Adjuster university
Valued At $997
Residential Hail Certification
This 8 chapter course covers all of you need to know about residential hail damage. You will be taught how to identify hail damage on a variety of roof structures and understand how hail affects residential siding and other exterior residential materials.  
Upon completion, you will receive the Residential Hail Certification From Adjuster University
Learn how to observe and adjust hail damage -- Become more deployable with targeted training
Included In the property adjuster's path
cat deployment survival school by adjusterTV
Valued At $997
Cat Deployment Survival School
The Cat Deployment Survival School is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for property adjusters who are committed to maximizing their opportunities and income with streamlined claims handling.
Survive Your First Deployment. Achieve Financial Freedom. Help Others In Need.
DON’T GET KICKED OFF YOUR FIRST STORM  -- thrive in one of the least known but most lucrative careers
Included in the property adjuster's path
Xactimate Tactical Training By Adjuster Pro
Valued At $249
Xactimate Tactical Training
 AdjusterPro is pleased to offer Xactimate® Training that combines the ease and affordability of online training with the real-time, hands-on experience of having a live instructor. The result is a proven method for learning Xactimate that maximizes knowledge transfer while respecting your pocket-book.
Proficiency in Xactimate is the single most important technical skill a new adjuster must acquire
Sketch, upload photos and documents, write a complete claim, and more -- learn xactimate today
Included In the property adjuster's path
Licensing credit from adjusterPro
Valued At $300
Licensing Credit
Included with your Property Adjuster's Path is one Free Licensing Credit from AdjusterPro. Can be used for any Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep Course, Continuing Education or use to obtain your Adjuster License. This is in ADDITION to the other state exam prep we also provide.
YES! We Pay For Your Pre-Licensing And Exam Prep
everything you need in one place  -- the property adjuster's path
Included in the property adjuster's path
roof training by haag engineering
Valued At $300
Roof Training
Roof Training is essential for a property adjuster, so we give you the best, Haag Engineering's Roof Training. You'll Learn Everything There Is To Know About Roofing And Be Ready To Properly Assess Damages To Roofs.
Haag Engineering Is A Leader In Construction Education
get the best in roof training -- be prepared for anything
Included In the property adjuster's path
Building A 6-Figure Resume By Adjuster University 
Valued At $297
Building A 6-Figure Resume
This mini-course includes sample resumes to learn what not to do, 8 video lessons to transform your thinking about resumes and create more engagement, and ends with secret unfair-advantages that helped Jeremy Rettig gain an edge over the competition and domination of his territory.
First Impressions Are Everything. Learn How To Create A Professional Resume That Will Get You Noticed And Get You Work
Your Resume Is Your Primary Piece Of Marketing Material -- Unlock Your Unfair Advantage Over The Competition
Included in the property adjuster's path
Lifetime Access To The IA Path Community
Valued At $500
IA Path Community
Enjoy lifetime access to a community of friendly IA's that are at various stages of their careers and get connected to IA firms to increase the number of connections you have in the industry.
The best place for IA's to network
connect with other ia's -- grow your network
Included In the property adjuster's path
90 Day IA Challenge By IA Path
Valued At $500
90 Day IA Challenge
What If You Lost Everything And Had To Start Over As An IA? We Ask 3 Experts This Question And They Map Out What Their Plan Would Be For Getting Back To Work And Success.
Get The Expert Opinion On Becoming An Adjuster With Only 90 Days to Succeed
Take the challenge  -- become an independent property adjuster in 90 days
Included in the property adjuster's path
Auto Adjuster's Path By IA Path
Valued At $1797
Auto Adjuster's Path
Online Mentorship and Training Where We Walk With You Every Step of the Way to Becoming a Successful Independent Auto Adjuster or Appraiser. Includes Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Training, Certifications, and Relationships to Get You Working FAST Without Wasting Time or Money!
The Fastest way to become an iA, period.
get trained, get hired, get deployed -- claim your life
Included In the property adjuster's path
Catastrophic Adjuster's Path By IA Path
Valued At $2997
Catastrophic Adjuster's Path
Becoming a catastrophic adjuster has never been easier. Get the blueprint, training, pre-licensing, exam prep, and guidance you need to be a catastrophic claims adjuster. 
Become A Working Independent Catastrophic Adjuster
turn every storm into an opportunity  -- everything you need to be a successful ia
Meet Your Instructors
Mathew Allen
Mathew Allen from AdjusterTV is a successful Independent Property Adjuster and is excited to be leading the next generation of Independent Adjusters.
Chris Stanley
Founder of IA Path, Chris Stanley seeks to clear the confusion to give you a clear path to becoming an IA.
Jeremy Rettig
Founder of Adjuster Academy, Jeremy Rettig is committed to teaching you everything he knows so you can succeed.
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prove you are serious about your career -- move your name to the top of the stack
"Unbelievable Online Courses With Hands-On Training Where We Walk With You Every Step of the Way. Includes State Required Pre-Licensing, Licensing Exam Prep, Training Courses, Certifications, and Most Importantly, Relationships to Get You Working FAST!  
Earn Your IAPP Designation Upon Completion. 
Become a Successful Independent Adjuster."
The Property Adjuster's Path Includes Everything You Need to Get Started
  • ✓ Pre-Licensing & Exam Prep
  • ✓ Xactimate Training
  • ✓ Construction Training
  • ✓ Job Training
  • ✓ Auto Training
  • ✓ Active Community
When You Take The Property Adjuster's Path.
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