Successful Adjuster’s Playbook

The Secret Skills for Providing the Best Claims Experience


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Ready to Be Successful? 

What does a successful adjuster do? What makes them different from everyone else?

In this book, John Bachmann reveals the secrets of successful claims handling.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, the insights offered will show you how to have satisfied customers and employers.

“This is the book EVERY adjuster should read.”Chris Stanley Founder of IA Path Author of the Insurance Adjuster’s Playbook series.

As the 10th installment in the Insurance Adjuster Playbook series, this book will walk you through,

  • Who your customer really is
  • How to wow your customers and employers with the Big Three of Claims Customer Experience
  • Delivering the Ultimate Claims Experience
  • The different roles and influences adjusters have
  • Managing stress on the job
  • Networking to expand your success
  • and much more!

Find and increase your success today by reading the Successful Adjuster’s Playbook and claiming your life.

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