The kickoff of the NFL season has passed and we are now in full football mode. TV’s across America are tuned to people throwing a pigskin around for up to 12hrs on Sunday, and college fans are watching on Saturday… not to mention Monday and Thursday night football.

I used to be an avid fanatic of football in my younger years and it is easy to not view football as a game… as a “fan” (aka fanatic) you get so lost into the football season you sometimes forget its just a game.

It isn’t personal when your team fails, when “they” lose & Eli Manning isn’t a jerk because the star quarterback blew the game in the last moments and you lost the betting pool at work. It is a… game.

Our game of independent adjusting is similar, we sometimes lose perspective and sight of the fact that this is a game. Sure it is our career, absolutely it matters, and there are billions of dollars at stake for the insurance company.

We also have the added stress and honor of affecting and hopefully helping people in their time of need, but we must view it as a game. If we don’t remember that its just a game we’ll fall into taking things personal. If you view it like a “job” you’ll start to think your boss favors those “other people” (and they do!), but this is a game.

Football, for the diehard fans, isn’t just September-January. It is a year-round commitment. They are listening to and watching ESPN about who is getting hired and fired in the off-season, what is happening in preparation for the NFL Draft (when they pick the new guys), and always enjoy the latest gossip and drama from the divas of the NFL.

Independent adjusting is no different. We too have seasons, we too have AdjusterTalk, AdjusterTV, & IA Path keeping us up to date on some of the things that are going on. We too have seasons and I think many new IA’s don’t recognize the seasons and how it works.

If you are a football star you know you can’t show up on the scene in December and hope to get a job, that season is done and gone, you have to wait until NEXT year. I’d like to go ahead and give you my best analysis of what the seasons of the Independent Adjusting are. I think for many people this will help in preparation and understanding of when the right time to make moves are and when is the right time to do which tasks.

I could call it the IAL… Independent Adjusting League… but that is just going too far.



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