“There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.” It is definitely worth being an independent adjuster. You own your own business, you are a type of entrepreneur, and it’s great. In fact, at IA Path, we’ve coined the term “adjusterpreneur” in honor of all of you adjusters who act like entrepreneurs.

Being an independent insurance adjuster is rewarding, but just like any other business owner, it can seem like your work is all-consuming and that at times you are fighting a losing battle. If you’re a parent then your life becomes very challenging indeed. I find myself fighting for every moment I can with my children but at times wondering if I’m still shortchanging them. Our families are worth fighting for ten times more than our career, so are you giving the effort towards them as much as you are your IA career?

If you are feeling like you aren’t doing enough…. Its OK!. I’m right there with you. I struggle in a few specific areas.

Helping With School

Man, I homeschool my children and as a part of that I have responsibilities that extend past what some parents work with, but even the normal parenting things like “Dad can you help me with my spelling list” or “Listen to my story” feel like they always come at the wrong time, but if I really sit back and ask the questions, “When is the right time? Is there a right time?”.

I start to see that my work can make me miss EVERYTHING!!

Making Time to Talk

Do you ever go through a whole week and realize you haven’t really had a conversation with anyone in your family? I mean a REAL conversation about something other than work?

My family and I have had to set some strict guidelines and times that are set aside each day for the family. No work talk aloud, but I have to admit it sneaks in.

As adjusterpreneurs we get so wrapped up in talking about our ideas and work that our families can end up feeling like, “I wish my dad was as excited about me as he is about his work.”.

My oldest, once said, “I know you’d rather be working than being with me.”. Talk about soul crushing…. He truly believed what he was saying and that’s when I realize my life was unbalanced.

“Me” Time

OK, I’m going to be honest, there is no such thing as “me” time. One thing I’ve come to realize as a parent and husband is that my life CANNOT be about me.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take a break, get away or anything like that, but many times we get so wrapped up in work and then in “getting away” our families feel like that all we want to do is escape them. Our families feel like we devote our lives to ourselves and our work and therefore they want “them” time. So, in my opinion, I highly recommend that you take “me” time only once you have given your family “them” time.

Now hear my heart in this article. I’m here to say, “I FEEL YOU” and if you are feeling anything like what I’m feeling in this rant understand that one cool thing at IA Path is our supportive community in the League of IA’s.

You can learn from the way others balance their lives and how they deal with similar situations to yourself. Reach out to our community, dare to be vulnerable because some of us are struggling parents and spouses just like you are. We can learn to communicate and get better together!

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