We Help New Independent Adjusters & Appraisers Get Work & Complete Claims

With the IA Path Adjuster Training & Help Room

IA Path Adjuster Training and Help Room
IA Path Adjuster Training and Help Room

Most New Adjusters Have a License, But Don't Know How to Get Work or Complete a Claim

If You Don’t Know How To Do Your Job You Will…

Lack Confidence
Fail When You Get Work
Feel Stressed
Waste Months on the Wrong Things

That all leads to frustration as you are waiting for someone to give you a shot. We don’t want that for you. IA Path has helped thousands of new adjusters get to work. Our path will work for you too.

What Companies Recommend IA Path?

40+ Independent Appraisal & Adjusting Firms Waive the 2-5 Year Experience If Obtain Any Our Certifications, Here are Some of Them

How Does the IA Path Adjuster Training & Help Room Work?

We Are There to Help You With Your Career and Claims


12+ on-demand adjuster training courses that walk you through how to get work and how to properly complete the work when you get it. Our training focuses on auto claims, because you can begin earning income fast. Our training covers everything from how to set up your business, resume, to inspecting wrecked, flooded, or hail damaged vehicles.We also include a CCC One Training Course.


You'll gain access to a live virtual adjuster training where an IA Path instructor walks you through writing an estimate, answers any questions you have, and encourages you in your journey. The great thing about the IA Path Adjuster Training and Help Room is you'll never be alone!


When you get work you'll have access to IA Path mentors and instructors. You can ask questions, get help with your claims and get answers from IA Path or the 800+ adjusters that are also a part of the Adjuster Training and Help Room. You'll look like a pro and no one ever has to know you had help.

What Is Included in the IA Path
Adjuster Training and Help Room?

IA Path Adjuster Training and Help Room Courses

IA Firms Will Wonder How You Can Close Claims Like a Pro

Help When You Need It Most - With access to IA Path Mentors you'll get any question you have answered. Don't know how to handle a claim? Ask and you'll find out how veterans would handle your situation. Whether our mentors or one of the 800+ adjusters in the help room you'll get an answer fast and look like a veteran yourself. - $1000 value

Learn the Veteran Secrets to Writing Estimates

Weekly Livewrites - Each Thursday you'll have access to a live virtual classroom where you can get support, questions answered, and watch an IA Path instructor write an estimate live. You get to see how it's done and ask questions. Plus, if you join the IA Path Auto Damage Certification you'll gain access to the archive of past Livewrites. - $1200 value

Exclusive Access to the Google of Adjusting

Adjuster Search Pro - You'll have instant access to 5 years of answers, videos, tutorials, articles, podcasts, tips, tricks, and advice in an easy to search database. Simply type in what you need help with and you'll find answers. - $500 value

Feel Confident Each Time You Inspect a Vehicle

Auto Collision Damage Masterclass - You'll learn everything you need to know about how to complete daily auto damage claims. 20+ hours of high-quality video training that is on-demand and fits your schedule. You'll learn everything about how to be a successful auto damage appraiser of adjuster - $2500 value

Know the Estimating Software Like the Back of Your Hand

CCC One Crash Course - Learn how to write auto damage estimates in the industry leading auto estimating software, CCC One. This CCC One Training gets you familiar with the software and walks you through exactly how to write an estimate in the software step by step. - $500 value

Run Circles Around the Other Cat Line Adjusters

Auto Hail Masterclass - Learn the secrets to inspecting hail damaged vehicles. Show up on your first deployment knowing what to do and running circles around the other new adjusters who didn't get trained. You'll be prepared for working a catastrophic hail drive in or field claim scenario. - $1000 value

Close Auto Flood Claims Like a Boss

Auto Flood Zone - Handling flood claims is totally different than collision or hail. You'll know exactly how to write these estimates and be able to complete them FAST. - $500 value

Have a Resume That Gets You Noticed

Adjuster's Resume Masterclass - Most resumes are ignored and thrown in the garbage. You only have 7 seconds to catch a recruiters eye. You'll know exactly how to construct your resume so it'll get you work. - $300 value

Build a Money Making Business

Adjuster's Business Bootcamp - Learn the secrets to running your business as an independent adjuster. It isn't enough to be able to close claims, you've got to set up and run your business or it'll run you. We'll walk you through each step and show you what to do. - $250 value

Total Value $7,050

Your Cost = $297/yr

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