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2 Ways to Search for an IA


Search Menu

Use the search menu at the top of the map to input a zip code. The map will pull up the closest appraiser to that coverage zone. Get the IA # from the map pin and use that number to submit a request for the appraiser’s information.

Use the Map

Scroll through the map to find IA’s that can help you. Grab the IA # and submit a request for the appraiser’s information.

Below is our Students and Graduates of our Auto Damage Certification

Red pins = IA’s who have graduated and have obtained the IA Path Auto Damage Certification
Green pins = IA’s who haven’t graduated yet, but are in training
Radius = a 50-mile radius and DOES NOT REFLECT actual coverage area.

¬†Click on a pin to get the email of the IA you’d like to contact. Download our complete list (some without Zip Codes below the map)