(This is an introduction to the upcoming book, Networking Adjuster’s Playbook), you can pre-order a physical copy for free at IAPlaybook.com and choose to add the digital version which is available NOW and will be INSTANTLY delivered)

This book is NOT your standard book about how to get a job. It is an investigative look and exploration into what makes someone good at networking and how to use that knowledge to create an easy to follow system to help you grow your adjusting business.

I don’t own a billion-dollar company, and I’ve never shaken the president’s hand, but I have learned that networking is not about shaking hands and it is about more than liking a post on social media. Networking takes investment, risk, and effort. The lucky always seem to be “natural” at networking, while the rest of us struggle to find traction.

After writing the “Independent Adjuster’s Playbook,” I felt I had left a void for those who wanted to follow the roadmap I had provided. It gave good step by step career advice on how to get started as an IA, but when it came to how to connect to IA Firms, I knew I hadn’t gone deep enough and quite frankly didn’t know enough. I would see results from two new IA’s doing the same things that I had outlined be WILDLY different, but why?

When I sat back and compared the different IA’s I realized some were going through the motions and then others had an “x-factor.” We sometimes say people have, “it” and the ones that had “it” were winning and the ones that didn’t were struggling. I knew that I needed to further define “it” to help more succeed. The more I contemplated and talked with others the more I realized what “it” was. These individuals who had “it” understood or at least practiced the basic principles of “networking.”

Now, this brings up many questions, what is networking? How can you become a good networker? What characteristics do you need? Can anyone become a good networker?

These are the questions I had as I decided to write this book. I am “OK” at networking, and I have found my way to some moderate success, but I couldn’t teach anyone how to network, I didn’t understand it enough. Enter Kagan Blackburn.

This young man contacted me about my auto adjuster training classes. I was instantly charmed by his demeanor, compliments, and attracted by his energy. This kid had “it,” he knew how to network. I use kid on purpose, he is only 22 years old, and he makes me feel like I am ancient and jaded. Already Kagan has mastered what some of us struggle with our entire life, connection.

Over the next few months, I watched him scale the networking ranks of the IA industry and asked him about his methods, strategies, and processes. His answers blew me away, and I knew we had to write this book together.

What I didn’t know was how deep the answers were. Although templates, checkboxes, and lists help (and we give those!), networking and connection isn’t that simple, it is something you need to be.

Now don’t get discouraged. What I found as I dug into Kagan’s past attempting to unlock the secrets of networking, is that he has every reason to not be good at networking and zero natural advantages.

Why is this important? Kagan LEARNED how to network. He pursued relationships, he focused on helping others and changing who he was and how he acted. Networking wasn’t given to him at birth, but something earned through his desire for real human connection. After multiple moves throughout his childhood and into high school, Kagan realized if he didn’t connect, if he didn’t network with people, he would not have the type of relationships he desired.

Kagan also learned that all relationships and friendships were not equal. At times he found himself changing for the worse and he had to consciously decide to change and to pursue relationships with others that would be healthy and beneficial to both parties.

Some view networking as sleazy. It brings to mind the guy that tried to get you to sell all those energy drinks to your friends and family, so you too could have a fancy watch and sports car. That is not the type of networking I’m talking about. I’m talking about the type of networking Kagan realized he needed, real human connections and relationships that are beneficial for BOTH.

In my career great opportunities have come as a result of the relationships that I have, friends recommending friends, companies that know me reaching out and offering a position, someone I’m working for providing an opportunity etc. Without healthy relationships, whether personal or professional interactions, you will lack good opportunities. Life is about people and your career success is driven by the healthiness of your connections to people.

If you want to improve your networking skills so you can succeed as an independent adjuster (or any career for that matter), if you desire real human connection with more people, read and apply what Kagan and I have presented inside of these pages and use it as a roadmap for your actions and a compass for your personal growth.

To try and tackle this massive topic we have divided this book into three sections.

The first section is The Principles. What unseen laws govern a great networker? Kagan bore his soul to me and graciously agreed to let me dissect him to help you become successful. We’ll use Kagan’s story to give us a framework to discuss these principles and how they apply in the real world with real human beings. He is far from perfect, but a perfect example of how anyone can become a networker. This first section is more about your mentality and personal growth.

The second section is The Playbook. Here we will give you practical application, including our networking process we call, the IA Networking Machine. This is a proven system that is easy to apply and to use in your own career. It is based on a series of emails used to contact IA Firms.

Lastly, the third section is called, The Practice. This is where you’ll keep track of your progress, document company information, write down contacts, and notes for every company you reach out to. This section contains an entire networking system that lets you keep track of your progress right here inside of this book.

Please understand this book is an investigative look and exploration into what makes someone a good networker. If you want to discover with me how to make more genuine human connections have healthier relationships, that will drive your success in your chosen career field and life, this book is for you.

Let the journey begin.