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The Leading Work Placement Program That Helps Auto Damage Adjusters, Appraisers, & Collision Estimators, Get Working

Build an Auto Estimating Career to 6 figures and beyond through online training, industry recognized certifications, personalized coaching and mentorship that gets you work, guaranteed.

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Find out how to get working in days.

Starting a new career in auto damage estimating or independent adjusting can be overwhelming.

You need to…

Master the technical skills and knowledge to write accurate estimates

Network, connect with potential clients and employers, and market your services effectively

Manage and run your business and career efficiently

Build confidence in your ability to close claims fast

You can have the expertise, the passion, and the drive to succeed. But without a plan, getting work can be a challenging and lengthy process. IA Path provides you with a clear roadmap to kickstart your career in auto damage estimating and the support you need to feel confident and secure in your new role.

How Do I Build a Successful Auto Estimating Career?

You may have a license, training, and some related experience to the industry. But how does that translate to building a successful career estimating damaged vehicles for a living that makes you great money?

Learn how IA Path helps you build the auto estimating career of your dreams.

IA Path gives you all the tools you need to succeed in your career.

Certification and training

Our Auto Damage, CCC One, Hail, Flood, and Heavy Equipment certifications allow you to get the experience requirements waived with hiring companies. They give you work opportunities because they are thrilled with IA Path Graduates work product.

Dedicated estimating & career coaches for an entire year

Receive expert coaching and mentorship focused on helping you break into the industry and find success in your career. Stay on track with tailored advice and weekly coaching sessions ensuring consistent progress towards your goals.

Access to CCC One estimating software + Ultimate Career Resource Pack

With IA Path, you’ll get CCC One estimating software access so you can write on the industry leading software while going through training and certification. We also give you our Ultimate Resource Pack that includes resume templates, email scripts, contact list etc. These resources are designed to save you time and energy so you can get working faster.

Community of writers

Get access to the exclusive IA Path Auto Estimating Training & Help Room Community where you’ll enjoy collaboration and camaraderie with other like-minded auto damage estimate writers, get your questions answered by our mentors and receive estimating support. You don’t have to build your career or write your estimates on your own!

How to Get Working Writing Estimates

Join IA Path

Enroll in your career path and get instant access to all our on-demand courses, your chosen certifications, Ultimate Career Resource Pack, exclusive live coaching calls, and online community.

Utilize the Coaches

Use the Auto Estimate Writing Community to get your questions answered by coaches & mentors, get your homework graded, and speed up your entrance into your new career.

Get Working

Earn your certifications to get the experience requirements waived and use our placement program to get work opportunities... guaranteed.

What People Have to Say About IA Path

Most people are excited and ready to get to work, but don't know how to build a successful auto estimating career. All that changes when you join IA Path.

You’ve probably thought about your interest in adjuster or estimating into a rewarding career but haven’t had the confidence to go for it. Why? Because the stakes feel too high at this point in your life.

But if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be stuck without the career growth and opportunities you desire.

IA Path has helped hundreds of aspiring independent adjusters, appraisers, and collision estimators break into the industry and achieve a successful career – and we can help you, too.

As a member of IA Path, you’ll learn a 7-step plan for building a profitable career writing auto damage estimates, get access to weekly small group coaching from industry experts, and join a community of auto writers and mentors you can learn from as you advance in your career.

You’ll also get access to on-demand courses, certifications from top industry leaders that get the experience requirements waived, and special events. The IA Path platform gives you everything you need to build and grow your career, including practical templates and tools to streamline your estimating process.

Plus our IA Path Safe Path Guarantee promises you’ll get work or we’ll pay you.

IA Path Guarantees if you enroll in all 3 levels of our Independent Adjuster Path or the Estimator Path you’ll get work opportunities within 60 days of graduating Level 1 or we’ll pay you $1000/mo. until you get work opportunities or you are fully refunded.*

*After you’ve scheduled a call, show up to receive our Auto Collision Damage Masterclass for FREE. (Retails $1,000)

How to Become IA Path Certified & Get Working

Complete the Career Assessment

Complete a quick online form to tell us about you and your auto career goals.

Schedule a Call With our Team

This is a no-commitment conversation where we’ll answer all your questions about the industry, our programs, and offer free coaching advice so you can see if this industry and IA Path is right for you!

Earn Your Certifications

Our comprehensive training is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to do your job. Then prove you have what it takes to earn the IA Path Certifications to get the experience requirements waived with hiring companies.

What will you discover when you schedule a call?

What does being enrolled in IA Path get you?

  1. It gets you trained to industry standards so you can have confidence in your estimate writing ability.

  2. It gets you a list of companies that waive the 2-5 year experience requirements when you are certified by IA Path.

  3. It helps you not look like an amateur by surrounding you with estimating support from mentors and other estimate writers for an entire year. You’ll look like a pro in even the toughest scenarios.

If you want to learn how we do this all of this just schedule a call right now.

We’ll answer any questions you have about our industry or program.

How much is IA Path’s training, certification, coaching, and mentorship program?

And is it worth it?

How much would you pay for an industry recognized certification that gets the 2-5 year experience requirements waived with hiring companies?

How much would you pay to unlock a 6 figure industry where you are in demand nationwide and have multiple career options of how you can make that money?

How much would you pay to have a team of trainers, mentors, and coaches there to answer your every question, help write your estimates, and give you advice for 1 full year?

How much would you pay to have our team walk you through every step of getting your career started so you just have to focus on the next step?

How much would you pay for guaranteed results?

That’s what we offer, but we offer a ton more than that.

How much does it cost?

Schedule a call today, I think you are going to be shocked at how affordable you can get started in this amazing career.

The reality is no one wants to take a chance on you.

Tens of thousands of people have experience and/or adjuster licenses but that doesn’t mean they actually know how to inspect a vehicle and write an estimate to industry standards.

Each account the hiring companies have is worth millions of dollars.

Why would they risk their relationships with insurance companies on you and your uknown ability to do the job?

You are currently an unknown factor, a risk, and insurance companies, repair shops, and IA Firms don’t like risks.

We remove that risk by training, certifying, and vouching for you to companies putting our name on the line.

We promise companies we’ll support you for your first year doing this job which lets them know we are serious about your career and them getting great results.

We remove the risk so you can get to work.

Find out how all this works by scheduling a call.

why people don't want to hire you with your current license and experience

*After you’ve scheduled a call, show up to receive our Auto Collision Damage Masterclass for FREE. (Retails $1,000)

IA Path FAQs

There are a lot of “training” options to learn things about auto damage.

There are fantastic certifications like Vale, ICAR, ASE, etc. but they are focused on whether you can execute on the job and they don’t help get you work in our industry.

You can learn how the car is fixed, how the car is made, but none of that actually helps you do the job or get working.

You need extensive practice, feedback, and ongoing support with guaranteed results.

It’s why I started IA Path. To give people not just training, but coaching & support for the entire first year of their career, and a placement program that guarantees you’ll get work.

No one knows everything and getting started is tough if you don’t have someone to support the start of your journey or if you can’t get someone to give you a chance.

Find out how we help you get work… guaranteed, by scheduling a call.

If you need help getting work writing auto damage estimates, then IA Path is for you.

We not only train you how to do the job, but we certify you and vouch for you to hiring companies and guarantee you’ll get work.

We’ve trained body shop managers, estimators, experienced adjusters, all who needed some help learning how to do the specific job or getting work writing auto damage estimates in a specific career path.

Find out how we can help you by scheduling a call.

First, you’ll need to make sure you complete the My Auto Estimating Career Report assessment.

This helps us quickly understand where you are at in your career and what type of career lifestyle you are seeking.

Review the career assessment results and be thinking of questions you want to ask about our industry and program.

Also, be thinking about what you really want out of your career writing auto damage estimates in the next 3-5 years. We want to help you get there and would love to point you in the right direction.

Then make sure you show up to our scheduled call and take notes. It’ll be a valuable 20 minute call, I promise.

Schedule a call so we can help.

We’ve helped train proper adjusters that needed more consistent work year round, body shop managers, estimators, newly licensed adjusters, school teachers, nurses, policemen, homeschool moms, teams of auto damage appraisers for companies, 15 year adjusting veterans, and more.

Our programs are here for someone who wants to get a career started writing auto damage estimates… guaranteed.

The only people that aren’t right for this career field are those that don’t want to work with computers. This is an essential part of our industry and you either need to comfortable with a windows computer or willing to learn.

If you want a career or additional income in your field writing auto damage estimates schedule a call.

Yes, IA Path will get you work by training you so you know how to do the job.

IA Path will get you work by testing and certifying that you are job ready.

IA Path will get you work by introducing you to career opportunities that you only have access to because you are now certified.

We will work with you to get work writing auto damage estimates… guaranteed.

Schedule a call to find out more.

What happens when you join IA Path?

Immediately you get plugged into other human beings in our Auto Estimating Training & Help Room where you can ask questions, interact, and get support in your career.

You’ll immediately have access to our weekly coaching and mentorship calls where you can interact with your instructor and get specific answer live online each week. 

Plus, our mentors and support team you can message anytime you want to ask questions directly and get answers fast.

You’ll immediately be able to begin taking your coursework and working towards earning your certification with all the support of 900+ other auto writers and our mentors and coaches in the community.

Once you earn your certification, we’ll help you get work in the career path of your choice so you can get working FAST.

Have more questions about what will happen?

Schedule a call and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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*After you’ve scheduled a call, show up to receive our Auto Collision Damage Masterclass for FREE. (Retails $1,000)

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