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If you feel like you are struggling in your career, like its hard to find traction, or you feel like you can’t stand out from the crowd of other licensed adjusters, YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT.

Our Paths give you a blueprint for success as an independent adjuster along with everything you need to prepare you for the road ahead.


Mentorship is available for every path. Learn from the experts and apply it to your career.


You need to learn how to do the job and we give you all you need including industry-recognized certifications


24/7 access to our exclusive online community and monthly coaching calls to help you along the way

Certifications & Licensing

We provide you with the state required pre-licensing exam prep & training in all our Paths.

Property Adjuster's Path

Become a Successful Independent Property Adjuster

Catastrophic Adjuster's Path

  Earn Highly Lucrative  Field & Desk Deployments 

Auto Adjuster's Path

Become an Independent Auto Adjuster in as Little as 30 Days

Questions About Our Programs

We know we do things differently than everyone else…. so we don’t mind explaining how this works.

Here are some of the questions we hear a lot, if you still don’t have an answer after browsing through those send us an email or schedule a call. We love to take away the confusion and get you walking on your path.


When Does Class Start?

You are NOT purchasing “a” class. You are purchasing a program and blueprint for your career. We do provide many classes that you will need to complete as a part of our Path’s, but your journey starts the day you are ready to start walking your path. There is a lot of self-paced training that can be done at any point and time.

If there is a live interactive online class that is a part of your journey you’ll get instructions inside your chosen path for the next available dates.

Can I Watch Your Training on my iPad, phone, or tablet?

You bet! Everything we do is mobile friendly. Our online training platform is great on any device. You will need a Windows laptop or desktop to run the estimating softwares that we utilize in our industry.


Do I Need a Computer to Start?

You will not be required to have a Windows powered laptop or computer to start, but to complete most of the software training, estimate practice, and certifications you will need a Windows laptop.

You can start your self-paced video training utilizing a mobile device until you are able to purchase a laptop.


Do I need an Adjuster's Licence BEFORE I start?

No! You do not need an adjusters license to start any of our programs. In fact with each of our Path’s we provide the state required pre-licensing training and exam prep through our partnership with Adjusterpro. Your tuition includes that in its pricing. If you have already purchased this we can apply your licensing training credit to a different licensing prep or continuing education bundle.

Can I Get a Discount if I Already Have an Adjuster's License?

That is a negative, our all in one packages are just that, all in one. If you already have an adjuster’s license we can use your adjuster licensing training credit towards other licensing classes or continuing education bundles through AdjusterPro, but no discount will be given.

Can I Get JUST the Mentorship?

We do not offer our mentorship separately from our program. We believe that if you want to mentor under, Chris Stanley, Mathew Allen, Jason Heenan, and Kagan Blackburn then walking through our program is essential to being one of our protege’s/mentees. Even if you already have obtained training, we  as your mentors expect you to walk out our plan from start to finish. If you’ve already done a training, like get an adjuster license, just skip that in your journey.

One person asked this question and I told them it’d cost double the normal tuition because they want to use our name, but haven’t learned our ways and that is doubly dangerous for IA Path. So no, if you want the mentorship enroll in a protege level package.

Can I Purchase Individual Classes "a la carte?"

If you are enrolled in one of our Path’s you will have the option to purchase certain individual courses separately from the other complete Paths, but we do not offer “a la carte” courses of all of our training to the public. We believe single courses only take you so far and our focus is on getting our students as far as possible with a holistic plan and blueprint and connecting them with IA Firms who want to put them to work.


Are There Guaranteed Results?

There are NO GUARANTEES in this business, but I can guarantee that this is the most comprehensive and complete program you can do and that if you walk it out you will have the best shot possible at becoming a successful IA. No one at IA Path can MAKE you successful. We can only equip you and prepare you, but only you can walk this path, but we are there to help you every step of the way.

If you decide this wasn’t the right program for you within the first 10 days we will gladly refund you your purchase price minus any costs of outside training we purchased on your behalf.


Going through this class is what gave me the abilities and confidence to contact my first appraisal company for work. I heard back almost immediately and one week later was working on my first claim with a second one following within 24 hours!!

Robert Nodine

Independent Adjuster

This course was the best decision I made to get me started in my career change as an Auto Damage IA. There is no better course online. Chris gives you straight to the point information to help all his students succeed in the industry.

Chanel Tran

Independent Adjuster

This class would have saved me two years! I wish I had found it sooner.

Kagan Blackburn

Independent Adjuster

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