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We Help New Independent Adjusters Get Work in Days... Not Months

With our Auto Damage Appraiser and Adjuster Certifications

Independent Adjuster Inspecting Car
Independent Adjuster Inspecting Car

40+ Independent Appraisal & Adjusting Firms Waive the 2-5 Year Experience Requirement If You Earn Our Certifications

Life Is Too Short to Wait for Your Shot

Hoping someone notices your resume, waiting months/years for a hurricane, or waiting to meet experience and job requirements isn’t a plan.
You deserve a chance NOW. Let us show you how to get to work.

Save Time and Get your Independent Adjuster Career Started Fast

Know What to Do Each Step of the Journey

We have a proven path for new independent adjusters that will get you ready to work WITHOUT getting confused at what to do next.

Get the Experience Requirements Waived

You won't have to worry about the 2-5 year experience requirements. You can get work as a certified IA.

Be Confident and Great at What You Do

You'll know exactly how to handle insurance claims like a pro. Anything you don't know you'll have access to people with answers.

This Isn’t Just About a Career, It Is About Your Life.

We Know Because We Were New Independent Adjusters Before

We've helped over 3,521 adjusters get started
Connected with Over 40 IA Firms & Other Work Opportunities

How IA Path Works

1. Enroll in Certifcation

2. Complete Training

3. Get Certified & Working

Independent Adjuster and Appraiser Certifications

Auto Damage Adjuster Certification

Our industry-leading 1 on 1 mentorship & online certification teaches and tests that you are ready to handle auto damage claims. This certification gets the 2-5 year experience requirement waived with 40+ companies.

Heavy Equipment Training & Certification

Expand your daily claims business as an auto damage adjuster or appraiser by learning how to write commercial truck & trailers, construction & farm equipment, RV’s, campers, travel trailers, and any other type of heavy equipment.

Desk Liability Training & Certification

For those adjusters who want to handle claims remotely from a desk, this certification teaches you to properly perform a liability investigation and make a simple and complex liability decision. Great way to earn an opportunity with a catastrophic IA Firm.

Diminished Value & Appraisal Clause Certification

Learn how to handle diminished value, appraisal clause, and classic car inspections and claims. Get work from IA Firms or directly from the vehicle owners. We’ll show you how to set up your website, use Google for SEO, and Yelp to find customers.

CCC One Software Advanced Training & Certification

Prove you are competent with the auto damage estimating software, CCC One, with IA Path’s Level 1 & Level 2 Certifications. Level 1 test proficiency in the software while Level 2 tests speed for handling hail and PDR claims.

Here Is Our Plan To Get You Working

Step 1: Adjuster License

We’ll help you figure out what your state requires so you can begin working claims as fast as possible. Plus we provide all your CE courses so you can keep your license compliant.

Step 2: Training

You’ve got to begin expanding your knowledge of how to handle claims so you can get working handling them! Car wrecks happen every day so we start with the low-hanging fruit.

Step 3: Set Up your Business

Many new adjusters are ineligible for half of the work opportunities simply because they don’t know how to properly set up their business. You’ve got to get this right!

Step 4: Get Certified

You’ve got to decide what types of claims you want to begin handling and prove you are ready for work. Getting certified gets you foot in the door and experience requirements waived with 40+ companies. We provide the prep classes for the certification of your choice, additional purchase required for each certification.

Step 5: Build Your Resume

Most resumes are NEVER even looked at. A bad resume will greatly hurt your chances of getting work in our industry. We interviewed a dozen of the leading company hiring managers and teach you EXACTLY how to build a resume they are looking for.

Step 6: Network With the Industry

Our industry is all about who you know or rather who you are getting to know. We teach you how to network like a pro and utilized LinkedIn to get work while you sleep.

Step 7: Take the Adjuster Score Test

Adjuster Score is the standard competency testing of our industry. You need to earn a score so all IA Firms are confident in what you know. We prep you so you can earn a high score on your first test.

Step 8: Join & Follow Up With Rosters

You must continue to onboard with IA Firms until you get work. We’ll show you the right way to onboard with the IA Firms, what they expect, and how to follow up so you won’t be ignored.

Want Us to Walk This Journey With You?

What Students Are Saying About IA Path

Get a Free Video Course On How to Get Started as an Independent Adjuster

This course gives You a roadmap, the path to become a working independent adjuster or auto damage appraiser in the next 30 days. It will help you not just get started but learn how you can become a successful IA. Whether you want to handle Auto, Catastrophic, or Property claims, this is your starting point!

What Guides IA Path

There are 5 laws and beliefs that guide IA Path and how we help YOU the Adjuster
  1. We Serve the Adjuster – We love IA Firms and insurance companies, but ultimately we serve the individual adjuster who in turn helps the IA firms and insurance companies succeed.
  2. This Isn’t Brain Surgery – You don’t have to be a gearhead, construction worker, or a mechanic to be successful. We believe ANYONE at any age can become a successful adjuster.
  3. No Gotcha’s – We offer tons of free or inexpensive information and open the doors to what we do and how we do it. Grab a book, read an article, or listen to our podcast… you’ll learn.
  4. Adjusting Isn’t a Get Rich Quick Scheme – We believe IA’s are business owners. It takes time, effort, energy, money, and strategy to become a successful IA. The same goes for adjusters at insurance companies… it takes time to build a successful career.
  5. We Are Successful When You Are  – If our apprentices aren’t successful, neither are we. We don’t rely on turnover for profit… we rely on helping you get work.
IA Path Founder Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley – Founder of IA Path

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