How to Get More Business as an Auto Damage Appraiser or Adjuster

In recent years a new way of working and thinking about working has emerged. People used to think about having side jobs, but now people have “side hustles.” We all want more business, but maybe a key to getting more business as an auto damage appraiser can be held within this concept of a side hustle.

A definition from says –side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job.

For most of us starting as an independent adjuster will be a side hustle. It will blossom into a full-time job, but just like starting a lawn care business may take time to build up the client list, you must take care to grow your business and client base.

Hustle to Grow Your Business As An Auto Damage Appraiser or Adjuster

You may be thinking, “Chris I don’t want to own my own business…. I just want to be an independent adjuster.”

News flash, as an independent adjuster you are a 1099 contractor, you are a de facto small business owner. Most IA’s have their own appraisal company name and logos that they go by rather than just their name. (tax reasons and all that jazz)

This also means that you are responsible for the growth of your business. (you and on one else) There are four types of growth opportunities that are on the top of my mind.

1. Grow Geographically – to grow your business as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster

Just like other business owners you need to aggressively acquire new growth opportunities into other states(licenses). I recommend starting with three factors to consider when deciding what state licenses to get,

  • Time of year(what types of storms are happening or about to happen? (Hail, flood, hurricanes, fires)
  • What type of work do you want to handle(some people don’t want to climb on top of a house)
  • What type of work are you going to have the best chance to succeed at(auto, property, commercial, crop, etc.)

Based on these three factors you can decide if you should look to acquire more licenses in the Midwest (hail, fire) or east coast (hurricanes). If you need help deciding on the states to get started, I have a free training,

“How to Get Started as a Catastrophic Adjuster Without Wasting Time or Money”

The first part of the three-part training is about which adjuster licenses to focus on.

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2. Pursue New Clients – to grow your business as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster

Then second type of growth you can pursue when running your own business is to aggressively pursue new clients. This involves finding other companies to apply with.

I could sit here and list dozens of names of companies that are smaller than the previous big companies I mentioned, but I don’t think that would do you ANY GOOD. You need to start taking control of pursuing your new clients NOW.

“Chris, I don’t know how to pursue new clients! What DO I DO!”

I’ll teach you three things to find new clients,

  • Google– There is this amazing website, you may have heard of it, Google. You can type in “Catastrophic Property Company” or “Auto Damage Appraisal Companies” and magically you can spend hours looking at new companies and finding out how to apply with them.
  •– For those new to the catastrophe arena this is the biggest website for catastrophic adjusters you’ll see. They have a list of A LOT of catastrophe companies. There is also classifieds of companies looking for people. Find that list and start applying.
  • LinkedIn– We’ve already talked about being social, but use LinkedIn the very way it was designed to work, helping people find work and find workers. Use LinkedIn’s search functionality and connect to companies in the industry. Talk with the recruiters, post about classes you are taking, make sure your profile is good, and don’t PUT or LIKE GARBAGE on LinkedIn.

3. Acquire New Skills – to grow your business as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster

To be eligible to work for certain companies and for certain types of work, you will have to acquire certifications, trainings, and become proficient at new skills. This is the third way you can grow your business.

Here are some suggestions to get you started,

  • Flood certification
  • Property training
  • Auto training
  • FEMA certification
  • RV Certification
  • Heavy Equipment training

The more confident you are and the more confidence your new clients can have in your abilities, the more work you will be able to receive.

The last way to hustle and grow your business is….

4. Network with New People – to grow your business as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster

Connecting with new people on LinkedIn, applying for more companies, talking with recruiters, talking with other adjusters, working side jobs, and on and on can be considered networking.

ABC – Always be connecting (or is it closing…. ) either way its good advice. If you don’t understand the reference click HERE for one of the most famous quotes from one of the best movies of all TIME! This is one of the reasons why Alec Baldwin is famous (I know I always wondered the same thing)

Connecting is very important and it’s what will carry you and your business to new heights.


This is your business and for your business, to grow it is up to you.

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