IA Path Giveaway for Unemployed

IA Path Announces Giveaway to Laid-Off, Furloughed or Unemployed Individuals Lumberton, NC – September 1, 2020 – IA Path today announced it will be launching a giveaway of their new book, Insurance Company Adjuster’s Playbook:  How to Get Hired and Promoted as an Adjuster for an Insurance Company, to individuals that have been laid-off or … Read more

Understanding Independent Adjuster Fee Schedules: A Guide

independent adjuster fee schedule

[fp_state-nickname] Being an independent adjuster can be a very lucrative and rewarding career, mainly due to the concept of the independent adjuster fee schedule. While insurance adjusters can be salaried employees, independent adjusters have more flexibility and opportunities to make above-average earnings. Many people hear the stories of how adjusters bring in big pay during … Read more

How to Craft an Insurance Adjuster Resume That Gets You Hired

When trying to get started as an insurance claims adjuster, your resume can totally ruin your chances — or propel you to the top of the recruiting ladder. Knowing what is important to recruiters and hiring companies is SO important. Putting the wrong information, in the wrong format, can result in a false start when … Read more

The Best Free Claims Adjuster Training & Study Materials

The Best Fre eAdjuster Training and Study Materials

Getting claims adjuster training can be expensive and time-consuming, but it is ESSENTIAL to get started and having a successful career. One of the best things you can do is to seek out the best free insurance adjuster training and study resources, to further expand your knowledge base and skill set. I know you are … Read more

What Is Estimatics for Independent Adjusters & Appraisers?

what is estimatics

As insurance claim adjusters and auto damage appraisers, estimatics plays a huge role in our job. If you want to get started in the industry, you’ll need to know what estimatics is and how to do it well. This article will give you an overview of estimatics and its role in our job as adjusters … Read more

Catastrophe Claims and Daily Claims: Which One is Better for Adjusters?

cat claims

What are cat claims, and how are they different from daily claims? As insurance claims adjusters, we handle all types of losses and claims — from catastrophic claims to daily claims, crop adjusting to auto damage appraising and property adjusting. Within the various types of losses, there are also different ways that claims are dispatched … Read more

21 Insurance Adjuster Tools Pro Adjusters Swear By

insurance adjuster tools

Having the edge with the best insurance adjuster tools to do the job becomes an obsession for many insurance adjusters. Most insurance adjusters, especially independent adjusters, are incredibly passionate about the job. We also tend to be very excitable about gear, equipment, technology, gadgets, and tools in general. This article will feed your gear obsession … Read more

How to Become a Property Adjuster: A Comprehensive Guide

how to become a property adjuster

Property adjusters have unique careers that enable them to help people deal with damage to their homes so that they can get back on their feet. After a stressful or traumatic event, getting the insurance settled to fix the house is often the first step to being able to move back in, relieving the financial … Read more

Insurance Adjuster Salary: How Much Can You Really Make?

insurance adjuster salary

When considering whether becoming an insurance adjuster is a good career to pursue, most people want to know the income potential. Insurance adjuster salary expectations can help you decide if this is a mountain you want to climb or avoid in your career — it’s pretty important.  Learning about the potential of various career paths … Read more

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