Auto Body Painter Jobs and Career Options

Auto body painter jobs & career options

Being an auto body painter is a skilled trade that requires precision, creativity, and technical knowledge. While a career as an auto body painter can be fulfilling, there are additional career paths available that leverage these skills. In this article, we’ll explore the various job and career options for auto body painters, including how they … Read more

Collision Estimator Salary: How Much Can You Really Make?

Salary of a Collision Estimator (1)

When considering whether becoming a collision estimator is a good career to pursue, most people want to know the income potential. Collison estimator income expectations can help you decide if this is a mountain you want to climb or avoid in your career — it’s pretty important.  Learning about the potential of various career paths can help … Read more

What is a Collision Estimator?

What is a Collision Estimator

A collision estimator creates an estimate of repairs and a repair plan for a damaged vehicle. They write these estimates on behalf of the vehicle owner and auto body repair shop they work at. This article will summarize the role of a collision estimator, discussing their responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, challenges, and opportunities. What is the … Read more

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