Independent Adjuster Myths that Are Killing Your Career

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Independent Adjuster Myths That are Killing Your Career

We all do it, believe in things that aren’t true. As kids, we were told that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and wrestling were all real. (hope no kids are reading this!) IT WAS A LIE, a myth, a fun thing to believe, but far from the truth.

Today I’d like to quickly bust some myths that you may still believe in as an independent adjuster. These myths, just like good ol Saint Nick, may be holding you back from the truth. Be careful the truth hurts.

Why would you want to endure such pain? You don’t unless you want to mature into a professional and successful independent adjuster. You may only believe in one of these fairytale myths I’m about to list, but even one of them can be catastrophic to your growth.


Myth 1 – “I am in Control”

WRONG! One of the quickest things you need to come to grips with is that you are not in control. Yes, it’s customary to say, ‘you are in control of your own destiny’ and I do believe in hard work, but sadly you are not in control.

We rely on everything that is outside of our control for work such as, weather, accidents, other drivers, peoples’ schedule, thefts, policy, vendor, and technology changes and….. well you get my drift. You are not in control and as soon as you can admit that you can start tackling the only thing you can control…. yourself.

Focus on delivering excellent customer service, having a better attitude, being healthier, having a good work ethic, work/life balance, and enjoying your family. Then all the things that you are not in control of may tilt your way.

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Myth 2 – “I am the best adjuster”

HAHA, you done been hoodwinked! It’s a popular myth, one that I believed about myself for many years, but this mindset will keep you from who you need to mature to be. Let’s have a big boy talk now.

There are SO many good adjusters out there and there may be good adjusters that work near you. Do not be fooled into thinking that everyone ‘needs’ you. Yes, you have value, but you may not be the most valuable.

The problem with this myth is that if you think you’re the best, you may not be willing to continue to improve. Michael Jordan is a rare exception of someone who knew he was the best and kept getting better, for the rest of us mere mortals humility is the best medicine to eliminate this myth from our system.


Myth 3 – “I deserve more per claim”

Sssssuuuurrrrreeee, you do. (just smile and nod) Like the previous myth, this is rooted in pride. This can hold us back from understanding the truth of the situation and our industry. I believe that the industry has lower pay than ever before and pay hasn’t increased as fast (or at all) with inflation.

Yet, if I’m honest with myself, grandpa the adjuster worked a lot harder per claim than I do now. With the ease of computers, digital cameras, cell phones, GPS, email, and estimating software it is easier than ever to complete a claim.

This trend shows no signs of changing (remember the thing about being in control) so you better start popping this myth or you’ll be bitter with every company you work for. The only way to get more money is to provide a different type of service, more specialized and professional than the standard claim completion process.

The photo only assignments have made this industry more accessible to new adjusters than ever before, but it can make you more valuable as an experienced adjuster because being experienced is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There is hope for increasing your pay, but not if you just keep doing the same old thing.


Myth 4 – “I don’t need to status every day”

Man, you are striking out today! In our modern world of instant gratification, free two-day shipping with cheaper prices, streaming movies, instant music, and unlimited information, it is frustrating to hear adjusters complain about companies being unhappy with their updates. (or lack thereof)

We need to become faster with our updates, scheduling, and inspections. The world will not wait for two days any longer, we want it instant, in fact, we wanted it yesterday.

When an adjuster or client goes looking for an update inside of a file and it isn’t “instant” you have set yourself up. Failure is imminent.


Myth 5 – “My time is more important than phone calls”

I could just say ‘diddo’ from the previous myth, but it goes deeper than just instant gratification. People long for connection and want to be valued.

If I am calling on the phone to talk to a ‘human being,’ I’m looking for something more than text on a screen. I’m looking for a person. Human connection is such an important part of our job and I would say that your time couldn’t be better spent than talking with someone.

There are many things we can do to eliminate a lot of phone calls, but the phone calls that do need to take place need to be given extra care. The very thing you believe isn’t worth your time could be the very thing to propel you in your career.

Now I’m sorry that I so rudely ruined your fantasies of your career and that you now know a magical bunny doesn’t poop out Easter eggs, but hopefully, with a proper view of reality, you can mature into the best independent adjuster and human being you can be.

If you need real human connection with other IA’s checkout our community at We have an entire community built for IA’s just like you. 

Ohh and by the way apologize to your kid for me, you know about telling him about Santa Claus….. whoops.

Your Guide,

Chris Stanley




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