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Last updated July 16th, 2020.

Finding work as an independent adjuster requires that you apply to independent adjusting firms. But just because you are on a company’s roster doesn’t mean you will get enough work from them.

To make sure you have a steady flow of work, whether you want to become a catastrophic insurance adjuster and handle cat claims, or work daily claims in auto damage appraising, you need to get on as many rosters as you can. This increases your chances of getting called, and can help you avoid gaps in your cash flow.

In this directory of independent adjusting firms, you’ll find a list of more than 120 contacts you can reach out to as you build your network. Before you start going through the list, I also want to share my experience with which IA firms are the best ones to call first.

Best independent adjusting firms for new adjusters

best firms for new adjusters

Although “best” is a relative term, some independent adjusting firms are more friendly to new adjusters who haven’t had much claims experience yet. And others are best because they consistently offer a high volume of work.

Depending on what type of adjusting firms you are looking to work with, here are my top picks on where to start sending your insurance adjuster resume.

The best IA firms for catastrophic adjusting

The best IA firms for daily auto damage appraisal

The best IA firms for paintless dent repair & hail estimating 

Next steps to start getting on IA rosters

ia rosters

If you are looking for work as an independent adjuster, getting noticed by independent adjusting firms is super important.

Many companies get over a thousand applications a month! You can imagine how your resume could get lost in the shuffle.

That is why Kagan Blackburn and I wrote a book, Networking Adjuster’s Playbook. It walks you through how to contact IA Firms repeatedly — without being annoying. It will also help you get a response by standing out from the crowd in a competitive market.

Kagan networked his way into a full-time career as an independent property adjuster at the age of 22. In the Networking Adjuster’s Playbook, I share exactly what he did, why it worked, and how you can do it too. Check it out and apply it to your career so you can get amazing results like Kagan did.

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

And now that you know which firms to contact first, here’s a complete list of independent adjusting firms, including contact information and links to the application process for each one.

Directory: A list of 123 Independent adjusting firms

The following companies are not listed in any particular order other than alphabetical. Most of these handle property and catastrophic claims, but some may also handle auto and other types of losses.

If you have an independent adjusting firm you’d like us to add to this directory, please get in touch.


 Acorn Claims

Advance Adjusting


(866) 553-5004

 Apply Here

Apply Here

Advanced Claims Here
Advantage Adjustment 458-9599Apply Here
Alpha Loss Adjusters Here
Alternative Claims 354-5732Apply Here
AMG Claims Here


Anchor Claim Services

(405) 330-3610


Apply Here

Apply Here

Apple Adjusters, 929-9777Apply Here
Arctic West Adjusters
ASAP Claims Here
Associated Claims Management, 485-8975Apply Here
Associated Adjuster 833-4036Apply Here
The ASU 968-0278Apply Here
Atlantic Claims, 902-0976Apply Here
B&H 574-3467Apply Here
Bright 861-7369Apply Here
Brown 924-5210Apply Here
Brush County 416-1625Apply Here
BSA Claims 761-2332Apply Here
Burton Claim Service, 330-2524Apply Here
Canadian Claims Services Here
Capital Claims Adjusters Here
Claims Adjustment 692-2422Apply Here
Carolina Claims Services, 731-4005Apply Here
Central Adjustment Company, 227-5506Apply Here
Champion Claim Service 881-4560Apply Here
Choice 557-0824Apply Here
Churchill 840-6277Apply Here
Claim Consultant Group, 654-9777Apply Here
Claims Consulting Services, 685-9955Apply Here Here
Claridge Insurance Adjusters Here
Clear point 414-8777Apply Here
CMR Claims 321-4158Apply Here
CNC Catastrophe & National 843-0170Apply Here
Coastal Adjusting Company
Cole Group Independent Appraisals
(850) 939-8188
(903) 744-4936
Apply Here
Apply Here
Colonial Adjustment, 445-2330Apply Here
Colonial Claims 356-6326Apply Here
Compass 428-9224Apply Here
Cornerstone 466-1474Apply Here
Crawford and 346-0300Apply Here
Crittenden Adjustment Companywww.cacadjfla.comN/AApply Here
Cunningham 830-7100Apply Here
Curo Claims Here
Cru 222-6292Apply Here

DeLong & Associates Inc.

 DEKRA Services, Inc.



Apply Here

Apply Here

Discovery Claims Services Here
DSB Claims Solutions Here
E.A. Refroe and 982-6230Apply Here
Eberls Claims 827-9013Apply Here
Edward R. Reilly & Co. 233-4646Apply Here
Engle Martin & Associates, 818-5619Apply Here

 Field Pros Direct

Frontier Adjusters

(844) 973-4732

(877) 392-6278

Apply Here

Apply Here

Gale Claims Service, 328-7880Apply Here
G. Rocca & Associates Consulting Here
G. E. Morgan Adjusters Limitedwww.gemorgan.com800) 290-0886Apply Here
Georgian Claim Services Here
G & G Insurance 724-5855Apply Here
Global 580-2334Apply Here
Global Risk 523-6365Apply Here
Hansen Labelle Adjusters Here
Hennesy, Inc Adjusting Serviceswww.hennesyinc.com913-393-0673Apply Here
Horizon 472-2228Apply Here
ICA, 807-9669Apply Here
IAS Cat 288-4338Apply Here
ideal 530-4964Apply Here
IMS Claim Services, 500-8582Apply Here
Integrity Catastrophe Services 437.7478Apply Here
Integrity Adjusters, 433-2877Apply Here 658-4477Apply Here
Jackson Adjustment Company-
James C. Greene Company
(800) 601-1198
(855) 834-7568

Apply Here

Apply Here
Johns Eastern Company, 907-3100Apply Here
Kernaghan Adjusters Here
Koning and 265-3800Apply Here
LaMarche Associates 256-8586Apply Here
Laurin Adjusters Here
leading edge claims 659-4525Apply Here
Littleton 737-1599Apply Here
Lozano Insurance Adjuster, 388-0092Apply Here
LSW & Associates 452-2195Apply Here
Mason 974-6654Apply Here
Mathias and Company, 679-6090Apply Here
McIntyre, Gilligan & Mundt, 582-3744Apply Here
McAuley Claims Services Here
McKeon & Associates Adjusting Here
MGB Claims Consultants Here

Mid-America Catastrophe Services

(888) 297-3092

Apply Here 

Midland Claims Service, 656-9960Apply Here
Midwest Claim 522-1656Apply Here
N&C Claims 295-9477Apply Here 721- 8480Apply Here
Nixon and Company, 821-4888Apply Here
Nomad Adjusting, 906-6623Apply Here
NSA Claims Here
One Call 999-1963Apply Here
Olmpia 294-4200Apply Here
Pacesetter claims 218-4880Apply Here 345-2287Apply Here

Pinnacle Adjusters Group Inc.

Primeco Claims


(416) 362-0800

(844) 601-4121


Apply Here

Apply Here




Pofessional Claims 727-9199Apply Here
provencher 722-5246Apply Here
QA Adjusting Here
R.F. Moore Claims Service Here
Rhino Claim 596-9689Apply Here
Reid, Jones, McRorie & 785-2604Apply Here
Royal Adjusting Services (owner of Adjuster Talk) 757-2094Apply Here

Straight Line Global

SCS Insurance Adjusters Ltd.



Apply Here

Apply Here
Schafer Wood & Associates 337-0112Apply Here
Southwest 259-5910Apply Here
T. Barrett And Associates, 365-1462Apply Here
TC Insurance Adjusters Here
Team one adjusting 918-3498Apply Here 306-3051Apply Here
Thomson Insurance Adjusters Here
Thunderbird Catastrophe Services-www.thunderbirdcat.comN/AN/A
TSI Adjusters, 803-4109Apply Here
United Catastrophe Group, 750-6114Apply Here
Upright Claims Services 836-4660Apply Here
US Adjusting 366-0333Apply Here
Vector 888-8888Apply Here
Wardlaw Claims 217-0901Apply Here
Williams Adjusting 852-9848Apply Here 887-8070Apply Here