Build Your Auto Damage Appraiser Resumé in 1 Minute

If you are needing to build your independent auto damage appraiser resume, you have probably worked a lot of different jobs, for a lot of different people (like me). This can be a challenge to keep your resume up to date and remember when you worked as a 1099 contractor.

If only there was a place that stored all of this information to make creating your auto damage appraiser resume easy…. OH WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA! Your online profile on LinkedIn is a great place to store in the cloud your job history and is a great way to get you a new insurance adjuster resume in under a minute.

If you have a LinkedIn profile,

  1. Visit LinkedIn by clicking HERE
  2. Click on your profile image in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click the three dots to the right of your image and select print to PDF
  4. Visit Resumonk and upload your LinkedIn profile PDF

You can watch a video demonstration of the 4 steps described above at the bottom of this post.

Out pops your brand new resume in under a minute! Now with this in mind, if you aren’t already treating your LinkedIn as a resume…… well you may misunderstand what LinkedIn is all about. It is your online resume. If you need to add jobs (like me) go back and add jobs, tweak and refine your summary, and make sure your education is on there and if you do all that you have a great resume ready to print at a moments notice!

LinkedIn and Microsoft are also teaming up and will be releasing a Word resume builder based on your LinkedIn Profile in the coming months, but until then either print the PDF copy or you have some time to get your profile ready. Either way, keep your resume up to date and think about your profile as your live resume for anyone to see and treat it that way.

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Your Guide,

Chris Stanley

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