Where to Get Your Adjuster License Online

This question comes up ALL THE TIME “Where should I get my adjuster license?”. We all have to start somewhere so finding out the best places to get your adjuster license at is an obvious question. Your options are NOT as many as you might think unless you live in states like Texas or Florida. (Check out our post on how to become an insurance adjuster in Texas for more info about that state’s quirks.) They tend to have more options than the rest of us, but below is IA Path’s pick of places to secure your adjuster license.

Nationwide Adjuster Licenses

With a nationwide catalog of adjuster licenses, AdjusterPro is the clear cut king for getting your adjuster license online. They also offer adjuster licensing continuing education, property, and Xactimate classes. Melissa and her team at AdjusterPro have expressed to me directly how much they care about the success of the IA. If you need advice Pablo is their career consultant and holds webinars each month to help you take the correct first steps on your path. (yeah I threw my own pun in there!)

Texas Adjuster Licenses Online

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of options to obtain your Texas License! 2021 Training offers Texas licensing classes, CE Credits, Xactimate training, and some other property and various lines online training. I have spoken with Dave and Cherie and these individuals are top notch. They have passion for the individuals they serve and want to help you succeed. So if you are trying to obtain your Texas adjuster license this may be a choice that is good for you. You Texans must be so overwhelmed with choices! Another great online school for adjusters, The Adjuster School was founded by Eric Thomas and offer online training for getting your adjuster license. They also offer continuing education classes and a Claims Adjuster Mastery course. Eric and his team also offer in-person training in… you guess it Texas. Their training is highly spoken of by major IA Firms and they offer auto and property classes. I’m slightly biased towards The Adjuster School because they have been known to use IA Path books at their auto classes. If interested check them out. Great training.

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