Have you ever felt threatened by our industry changing?

You know as an auto damage appraiser and adjuster with the photo apps, technology and owners taking photos of their own vehicle, its changing, and even eliminating some jobs, it can be scary.

My name is Chris Stanley and I think it’s time we added a new revenue stream to your business, heavy truck and trailer claims.

Now I know you may not have the experience or confidence to write these claims…. YET, but check this out

Heavy equipment claims are paid by the hour…. so what you put into it is what you get! I know novel ideal right. Instead of making under $100 a file for auto claims, the heavy truck & trailer can earn you from $200 to $500 a file depending on your fee schedule and time invested in the claim.

Now learning a new skill can sound intimidating, but I’m proud to announce that IA Path now helps makes it easy to become a heavy truck adjuster with our  Heavy Equipment Guide.

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Heavy Equipment Guide

Heavy equipment guide

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P.S. Is it time for a new groove in your claims business?

Your Guide,

Chris Stanley

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