Zip Codes and Coverage Area

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(this is a rough draft excerpt from my upcoming book, Auto Adjuster’s Playbook. Due to release Summer 2019!)

When you contact IA Firms, they will want to know what coverage area you handle, so having that figured out BEFORE you contact them is a must.

They specifically want to know what zip codes you cover. I remember when I got started spending all day going through zip code maps writing out the zip codes was willing to cover. Heavy forbid I missed one and ended up missing out on claims!

Now thanks to technology you can grab all the zip codes you’d like to cover in under a minute.

Zip Codes in Under a Minute

Three steps to get your coverage zip codes in under a minute. It is really this simple and you are welcome in advance for this massive time saving tip.

  • Visit
  • Select your boundary points on the map
  • Copy and Paste the Zip Codes that are displayed on the screen.

Don’t believe its that easy? Watch our video at

Now that you know how to get your coverage zip codes, you may still have a few lingering questions about your coverage area. I’ll help address those below.

How Big Should My Coverage Area Be?

This is the age-old question and it really comes down to your specific area and situation. It isn’t a perfect science and can take some trial and error to get your coverage area where you are satisfied with it, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

Go 100 miles. If possible be willing to go at LEAST 100 miles round trip. This gives you a 50 mile radius around your home address.

Cover the metro area. If possible be willing to cover the next large metropolitan area. I lived 1 ½hrs south of Raleigh North Carolina. Raleigh is WAY bigger than my hometown area and provided a bigger flow of claims. I got more in Raleigh than near me so I was willing to cover the distance.

Go where the work is! Talk with the IA Firms you sign on with. Find out what the closest area they need help is. You can really crank up the volume on your IA business if you fill a desperate need for an IA Firm. I had one company ask me to cover an area on the coast of North Carolina 2hrs from me. I earned mileage on every claim I did out there and tripled my revenue overnight as a result. Plus, the IA Firm felt I had saved them. I was the only IA willing and I had that area for as long as I wanted it.

Prune when needed. Don’t be afraid to quit going to an area if the work there is not consistent and not worth the hassle. There are times to cut off a portion of coverage when the hassle isn’t worth the time. Just remember, if the IA Firm needs to find someone else for THAT spot that new appraiser may dip into your coverage area as well.

Mileage is your friend. There are times when I earned more in mileage than appraisal fees. Earning an extra $50 on multiple files in a day really increases your revenue A LOT! Don’t be afraid to drive or extend your coverage area, especially if you can get mileage on those files.

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