7 Quick and Easy LinkedIn Post Ideas for Independent Adjusters

Hey IA’s,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

In this week’s Tuesday Deep Dive I’m going to be showing you 7 easy post ideas that you can use to help you catch IA Firms and recruiters attention on LinkedIn.

As independent adjusters and appraisers we are busy.

But if we ignore the marketing of ourselves and our business we will either run out of business or miss out on better opportunities that could come our way and increase our income.

As I discussed in last week’s deep dive, LinkedIn for Independent Adjusters, I believe utilizing LinkedIn to get work while you are sleeping is an opportunity too few IA’s use in their careers.

The reason why?

Most IA’s don’t feel they have the time or ideas to post something on LinkedIn consistently.

Today I’m going to give you 7 ideas that make posting on LinkedIn easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

If you are newer you might be thinking, what can I share? I don’t have work yet.

Pay special attention to ideas #3 and #4, anyone can share that type of content and as a new person you’ll have lots of opportunities to use them.

Check this bonus post out. It is IA Path graduate turned instructor and director of training Brad Fancher sharing that he’s BEGINNING to learn Xactimate. He got work opportunities from firms for property claims just from this post and had 60+ reactions!

You can do this too if you are new!

Also you can repost other people’s content from our industry. This is a great introductory way to get noticed, but it is FAR LESS EFFECTIVE than creating your own content.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

7 Quick and Easy LinkedIn Post Ideas for Independent Adjusters.

1. Routes

Every day you work you have the route you’ll be taking scheduled out in Google Maps, Road Warrior, Badger Mapping or some other route optimization software.

Doing a screenshot of your route either on your computer or with your phone is perfect content to share on LinkedIn.

Just don’t share the names or addresses of where you are going in the screenshot.

This type of content does a few things that are useful to you.

1. It shows IA Firms that you are a working IA.

This is huge! A working adjuster or appraiser tends to keep working. Most companies don’t want to be the first one to use a new IA, but if you can prove others are using you it takes the risk away.

2. It also tells those IA Firms where you cover.

Oh ABC Appraisal needs someone who works in Kentucky and you are driving in that area today? BOOM new business at your doorstep.

Upload your photo to LinkedIn and put in a few words of your choice.

“Just another day in my mobile office”

“I cover all of Kentucky and Southern Indiana let me know if I can help you provide excellent coverage to your claims.”

Check out this post from IA Path Community member Nick Fraticelli when he posted his route in the community.

That’s it and you could do that as often as you wanted. I’d recommend only doing a route post once a week, but you could do it more often if you’d like.


Each claim you complete you are taking photos of damaged vehicles, homes, fences, classic cars, motorcycles or even hot dog stands.

Why not pick 1 and upload it as a LinkedIn post?

Brad Fancher loves to share photos of his heavy equipment adventures.

Once again this shows you are working and it also gives a preview to your work product. It shows the quality of photos you can take and that you can do it for others. The only caution is don’t upload any pictures with license plates, vin numbers, addresses or any identifying marks.

There is an app that actually will block out the license plate automatically so you can still use those photos called Plate Overlay and I’m sure there are others.

If you want to upload more than one photo print them to PDF and upload the PDF to LinkedIn. This will create a slideshow that people can swipe through.

It’s like a portfolio for your work product.

Add some quick text to your post and you’ve got quality content in minutes.

3. Learnings

One of the best parts of being an IA and a business owner is that we are all learning new things all the time.

Whenever you learn something new, share it on LinkedIn.

Found a great resource for getting heavy equipment salvage bids? Learned what NADA price the IA Firms want you to use, found out a hack about writing EV vehicles? Share it on LinkedIn.

By sharing this newfound knowledge with others it makes you look like an authority in your industry and proves to others that you are teachable and generous.

Some people believe that if you share what you’ve learned it’ll make you look ignorant, uneducated, but this is not how it works. I’ve made a living off being stupid, learning, and sharing what I’ve learned.

Others believe sharing what you’ve learned gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

This is arrogance at it’s worst. If you are willing to share what you are learning others will reciprocate and be willing to share with you. Good will is a viral thing and soon you’ll know more than you ever thought possible.

No one can know everything so share opening so you can learn even more. This concept is proven over and over inside our IA Path Adjuster Mentorship and Help Room Community. Every day dozens of people get their questions answered from the 750+ members.

Because we are better together, a hive mind, so share what you learn.

Here is a post of IA Path Auto Damage Graduate George Cottell showing he earned the IA Path Auto Damage Certification.

George got reactions from 19 people on this one singular post and likely hundreds of others saw this announcement.

Anytime you complete a class POST IT!

4. Acknowledgements

We all want to be noticed by someone.

It’s human nature and so does everyone you interact with day in and day out.

Give a shout out to someone at an IA Firm for their help on a difficult file. Have a great interaction with someone at a shop? Tell the world.

Have someone jump in and help you figure out a technical issue, share it on LinkedIn.

People love generous and kind people. They want to be around positivity. Most people use the internet for negative means, but when you use it to build other people up you become a magnet.

Everyone wants to work with the happy person and no one wants to work with the grumbling IA.

Be gracious and recognize others on LinkedIn.

It could be as simple as, “Shout out to Dianne at ABC Appraisals who helped me with that difficult conversation. She was so patient and helped me deliver excellent customer service to the insured. You are the best!”

The IA Firm ACD does a great job of this, see the example below. You don’t even have to do a picture, but if you are giving a company a shout out upload their logo, they’ll love you for it!

If you mention someone put an @ sign before you say their name and LinkedIn will look them up and you can select to notify them with the post if they are also on the platform.

Same goes if mentioning a company (only ever in a positive way!) put the @ symbol and type their name in. This will notify the company or person that you mentioned them in a post and they will likely come like, share, or repost your post.

You think you’ll give you more work in the future?? UH HUH, so do I.

5. Process

We all have different ways we do things.

Different apps we like to utilize. Varying ways to keep track of files. Paper, digital, mental, I’ve heard so many different ways to organize a day it’d make your head spin!

Those differences are things you can share on LinkedIn.

Like to start with the vin photo of a vehicle and license plate at the end? Post about it and tell people why.

Love using Trello to keep track of your appointments?

Hate Google maps but love Road Warrior? Please tell us more!

Your expertise will be gobbled up by our industry and will help you sharpen your skills and the way you think about what you do.

Before I started IA Path and my podcast, I didn’t think much about how I did stuff. It wasn’t until I had to explain to others how I did things that I really slowed down to figure out what I did… and why.

Teaching others helps us become better at our craft.

See Brad Fancher’s post about how he utilizes an umbrella in his inspections! (not in the way you’d think)

6. Thoughts

You have a lot going on in your head.

Sometimes a thought just jumps out at you.

Maybe it’s about the changes in our industry. Challenges we face as IA’s. Growth opportunities you see others ignoring. News article that you think will affect our industry.

Sharing these thoughts and any commentary you’d like is a great way to engage with the industry. It shows this isn’t just a job to you, but an actual career. Pulling back the curtain shows the industry different layers to who you are and the value you bring to those that work with you.

These thoughts can gather a lot of attention!

Check out this post I did about our industries talent crisis.

I put out some thoughts and got 100+ people reacting to it and it was seen by almost 150,000 people to a post I just randomly put out there!

You never know where your posts can get you.

7. Stories

One of my favorite types of posts that I see independent adjusters and appraisers use is the sharing of stories.

We all have crazy claims. The one where the dog jumped over the tow yard fence and ripped your pants. Or how about the one that someone pulled a gun on you?

These stories are great not just for entertainment purposes but for the lessons you learned through the experience. They can also be inspirational. Showing where you’ve come from or your mistakes and how you survived them.

Here is a post about my story and where I was at 9 years ago that over 5000 people saw and nearly a hundred people responded to… just from sharing a story!

I’m sure you have a ton ideas spinning in your head and you are likely scared, don’t be.

Post LinkedIn, tag me @christopher stanley and your post will have the opportunity to reach 8000+ people from the insurance industry.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or the others LinkedIn is a fairly safe place to post things.

People tend to behave on these platforms because they are associated with their jobs and they know their boss and co-workers will see what they say.

So don’t be scared, I’ve got your back and we need to learn and hear from you.

Alright, that is it.

Until next week keep walking your path and claiming your life.

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

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